TalkTech Podcast October 1, 2009



Listen to the podcast here: Talk Tech Podcast October 1, 2009

These are links to articles discussed in our podcast.

Using Wikis to Rebuild Cultures in Northern Uganda

Facebook Offers Transation Tool to Other Sites

Coming Up With Hybrid Books, Videos Included

One Laptop Per Child

Netbook – an increasingly affordable small computer with web capabilities

Weekly Picks: online free video file converter – search for the name of a program that uses a particular file extension

Google Wave – “an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration

Random bits that came up:

WebTV a mostly obsolete web appliance that was ahead of its time

Uncanny Valley – When robots are just a little too real

Good Dog, Carl – one of Jane’s favorite books

The Turing Test – test to see if computers can simulate human behavior

Speak and Spell – an early text to speech converter by Texas Instruments


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