How Might We Pursue Inclusive Excellence?

What does Grand Challenges mean to you?

Check out this short video featuring the Grand Challenges interns talking about what the program means to them!   Do you have ideas? Do you want to get involved? Do…
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Synchronous and Asynchronous Inspirations

As various educators across the globe are considering the best way(s) to deliver curriculum to their students, many are questioning the merits of sharing "real time" with students as opposed…
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Crocheting the Resistance!

When we think of revolution what comes to mind? Fiber art, of course! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but considering the role art plays in resistance and…
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Crochet+Coral= …Math?!

  Wait, so crochet plus corals equals… math? Yup! That’s right, corals are actually one of nature’s examples of a hyperbolic surface and crochet is a perfect way to model…
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It’s Time for Science Storytime!

We don’t always consider it, but science isn’t neutral. That’s not to say we should ignore science or treat it like an opinion, of course! The systematic rigour of the…
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Not all Corals are Crocheted!

Did you know that corals are alive!? Or that they are actually animals made up of many tiny structures called polyps? Or that they are symbiotic creatures? Well, this is…
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The Coral Project Rundown

  What's up with the Grand Challenges Crochet Coral Community? Well... When the fall semester ended in mid-December 2020, it had been nine months since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic…
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Navigating October Break – Pandemic Edition

Are you wondering how you have been able to navigate an entire semester with no breaks during a pandemic? Are you experiencing immense burnout and have almost no motivation to…
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It’s Time to Work on Climate

It’s Time to Work on Climate A Summary and Response to Professor Joshua Tan's Lecture at Vassar College on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. By Maya Pelletier “I haven’t seen you…
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List of all Fall 2020 Grand Challenges Courses

Here is a list of all courses offered this Fall 2020 that are connected with the Grand Challenges Program: Introductory Courses CHEM 121-32. Chemical Principles (Alison Keimowitz) SOCI 180-01.  The…
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