Professor Moon is a political and cultural sociologist, scholar of gender studies, and East Asianist specializing in South Korea. She grew up in Seoul, Korea and lived and worked in Boston and Cambridge, MA before moving to Vassar College. Her research evolved from feminist critiques of nationalism, militarism, democratization, and citizenship to globalization and transnationalism shaping militarism and civic agency, production and consumption of food and masculinities. She is a recipient of notable awards, including Fulbright Scholar Award (2004-05), inaugural endowed-chair visiting professorship at Harvard University (2014-15), and the Laboratory Program for Korean Studies Research Grant from the Academy of Korean Studies (2018-23). She was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies and has served on the editorial boards of Gender & SocietyContemporary Sociology, Korea Journal, and Asian Women. She wrote and was consulted for articles published in the following news media: El Pais, The Economist, South China Morning Post, CNN Digital, El Periodico, Korea Herald, and Weekendavisen. In order to balance her cerebral and sedentary life, she has become an amateur Argentine Tango dancer.

Vitae/CV: Seungsook Moon CV

Research and academic interests

  • Transnational militarism; citizenship, civic agency, and social movements
  • global production and consumption of food; masculinities from a global perspective


  • Soc 247 Modern Social Theory: Classical Tradition
  • Soc/AS 216 Food, Culture, and Globalization
  • Soc/AS/WMST 369 Masculinities: A Global Perspective
  • AS/Soc 111 Social Change in South Korea through Film
  • Resident Director’s Seminar: Food, Culture, & Globalization in London