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Carthaginian Government: Feb. 6th

Here is a selection from D. Hoyos The Carthaginians talking about what we know about the government of Carthage. Let’s read this for Wednesday, Feb 6. Hoyos_Carthaginian_govt

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Readings for the week of Feb. 4

Here is a short article for class on Monday Feb. 4. Foulkes_CharacterisationinLivy

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Idioms to know and love

Here’s a quick guide to some of interesting idioms we have seen so far.  Add them in the comments and I will update the list. agitare in animo : to think about something Gerere se aliquo modo: to act in some way (we saw ita se gessit ut . . . ) iure iurando adigere: to cause/force […]

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Family of Hannibal

Because these things can get very confusing, I’m going to try to keep up with some genealogies to help us track the individuals and families that Livy mentions.  The family of Hannibal (as mentioned in Livy 21.2).

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Source: https://pages.vassar.edu/seneca/2013/01/