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Nazi leader “re-brands” the Nazi salute as “Roman salute”

Jeff Schoep is the “commander” of the National Socialist Movement, one of the founding organizations of the Nationalist Front coalition of neo-Nazi groups. At a rally in Georgia on April 21st, 2018, reporter Christopher Mathias asked Schoep, “can we talk about the Nazi salutes your friends are giving on the stage?” In a video of the exchange taken by Mathias, Schoep disputed the term “Nazi salute” and said it was, instead, a “Roman salute.” Read More→

“Great European Leader” Hitler compared to Alexander the Great

Jason Jorjani, the founder of the xenophobic and neo-fascist site that Pharos has previously documented, called Hitler “a great European leader” like Alexander the Great in footage taken by an undercover agent of the British anti-extremist group Hope not Hate. This and other footage of Jorjani and his associates can be viewed in a New York Times article reporting on Hope Not Hate’s investigation. Read More→

Lucretia invoked to illustrate the desirability of being raped

“Feminists are Hysterical About Rape Because No Man Wants to Rape Them” is a recent headline on the misogynist site Return of Kings, whose appropriations of Greco-Roman antiquity Pharos and others have documented. The article mocks the #metoo movement, accuses women of “manufacturing stories about sexual assault and rape,” and celebrates the “days of Vikings, global conquests, and crusades, where raping and pillaging were common” because women raped in that period “fulfilled their biological imperative…to pass on the strongest genes possible to her offspring.” The article features Hans van Aachen’s painting of The Rape of Lucretia (pictured below) in order to support the claim that being raped is desirable and to perpetuate the myth that only attractive women are raped. Read More→

Further racist backlash against “Black Achilles”

In January Pharos documented a racist site commenting on the casting of David Gyasi to play Achilles in the BBC’s miniseries Troy: Fall of a City. The racist backlash against this casting has not, however, been confined to this one site. With Netflix streaming the miniseries in the US beginning on April 6th, we are updating our survey of racist commentary on the show. Pharos contributor Tim Whitmarsh has already written an excellent response to many of the arguments found on the sites below for Radio Times. Our responses are now available. Read More→


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