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Plato, White Supremacy, and Totalitarianism

The “American New Right” site promotes the ethnonationalist idea that “every distinct ethnic group should enjoy political sovereignty and an ethnically homogeneous homeland.” This site published an essay using Plato to argue in support of modern fascism, which, the article claims, “shares with Classical political philosophy…an adherence to an authoritarian and hierarchical communitarianism.”

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The white supremacist with a Roman name: Augustus Sol Invictus

Augustus Sol Invictus was one of the headline speakers at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, where a white supremacist killed one and injured nineteen counter-protestors. Invictus recently abandoned his campaign in Florida’s 2018 Senate race. Read More→

“American Fascist Manifesto” begins with the Roman Republic

The white supremacist group Patriot Front‘s “American Fascist Manifesto” on their webpage,, begins with an analogy between the United States and the fall of the Roman Republic.  It calls for “a new Caesar to revive the American spirit.”


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Scholars respond to Aristotle being enlisted in support of misogyny

In a guest-post on the website of Matt Forney, author of Do the Phillipines, “a thorough analysis of Philippine culture, to better help you bang girls,” John Saxon argues that “The greatest thinkers from antiquity to the modern day have seen that there is a very dark side to women, that if ignored…would lead to individual men and society coming undone.” Read More→

Neomasculine site argues for the revival of Roman “manly character”

A post on the neomasculine site Return of Kings argues that Rome was great because of its “manly character” and that the “degradation of values” in contemporary society derives from our abandonment of those “virtues.”

Update: Scholars Respond

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