Workshop Schedule

Partnering Pedagogy, a workshop series for faculty, students, staff, and administrators, emerges from a collaboration between the Office of Teaching Development and the Inclusive Pedagogy and Curriculum Working Group of EPI.  Too often here at Vassar the various populations of our academic community are isolated from each other when it comes to cultivating effective teaching environments.  How often do we get together in an open, non-evaluative context to develop pedagogies from our interactions and collaborations?  How might we explore the ways pedagogy creates the intellectual and social contexts in which we all cultivate our place at Vassar?

Doing this is easier said than done. The goals of our workshops are to create public settings where groups that normally do not talk to each other about teaching begin to talk about teaching.  So we will be moving beyond the usual Talking about Teaching gatherings of faculty alone to wider groups including students, administrators, and staff.

In short, we aim to promote inclusive pedagogy and curriculum as a core approach to teaching and learning at the college. This commitment represents an expansive array of practices and principles that imagine the classroom and the curriculum in ways that allow all the members of our various communities to feel welcomed, valued, challenged, and supported throughout their time at Vassar.

Workshop Schedule

  • 1) Friday, September 28, 12-1:30: Discussion with Writing Center Tutors

– Place: The Writing Center (in the library)

  • 2) Friday, October 26, 10-2: Discussion and Workshop with Riley Caldwell-O’Keefe and Jyl Gentzler from Amherst’s Center for Teaching and Learning

– Place: The College Center Multipurpose Room (CC MPR) – Lunch included

– Please RSVP to Amy Jo Arndt:

  • 3) Thursday, November 29, 4-5:30: What does Community-Engaged Learning and Pedagogy Look Like?  

– Place: TBA

-Please RSVP to Amy Jo Arndt:

  • 4) Friday, January 25, 12-1:30: Developing a Shared and Inclusive Vision of the Classroom

– Place: Old Laundry Building Common Space

-Please RSVP to Krista Brown:

  • 5) Thursday, February 28, 4-5:30: Thinking Inclusively about Intensives

– place: College Center Multi-Purpose Room

– Please RSVP to Krista Brown:

  • 6) Friday, March 29, 10-2: Discussion and Workshop with Floyd Cheung from Smith College’s Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning

– place: TBA

– Please RSVP to Krista Brown:

  • 7) Friday, April 26m 12-1:30: Grading: Why do we do it and what is it good for? 

– place: TBA

– Please RSVP to Krista Brown: