How to Save Local News (remote)

Join the River Newsroom for a roundtable discussion on new models of journalism and reimagining existing publications.

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About this event:
It’s been a tough decade-plus for local media. Since 2008, US newsroom employment has fallen by 26 percent, a crisis that accelerated last year, when publications had to reduce their already meager staffs. One study estimates that journalism layoffs more than doubled in 2020, and dozens of outlets have ceased publication entirely since the start of the pandemic.

These cutbacks are hitting local media hardest. Here in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, the past few years have seen the shuttering of several longtime local newsweeklies and layoffs at larger daily papers. At the same time, the need for reliable local reporting has never been more clear—nor more urgent. Into the void of local news has flowed partisan hyperbole, unverified social media posts, and harmful disinformation. The ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the perilous threats posed by climate change, the reinvigorated struggle for social and racial equity: all of these are huge stories playing out on the community level.

Fortunately, there is a lot of energy being put toward ensuring local journalism remains alive and well. And that’s happening here, as well. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll talk with journalists and publishers who are working on new models of journalism, or reimagining existing publications to ensure they remain vital to their readers.

Speakers include:

  • Tim Bruno, general manager, WJFF Radio Catskill
  • Chip Rowe, editor, The Highlands Current
  • Alex Shiffer, publisher, Kingston Wire
  • Genia Wickwire, associate publisher, Ulster Publishing

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Telling the Stories of Immigrant New Yorkers

Immigrant Advocates Response Collaborative is proud to present, “Telling the Stories of Immigrant New Yorkers,” a discussion with journalists that will highlight immigrants’ stories while focusing on the role journalism plays in telling them.

Immigrants have been the driving force of the American dream since the beginning. Regardless of where they came from or the manner in which they arrived, they have shaped the fabric of this nation and the lives of all who belong to it. Immigrants bring culture, diversity, and beauty to this country in the hopes of creating a better existence for themselves and future generations. The United States, and especially New York, is rooted in the principle of being a land made for all, and its destiny is to uphold that value so that immigrant communities can thrive for years to come.

Journalists play an important role in the telling of immigrants’ stories. Join us for a discussion spotlighting the impact their choices have on today’s immigration conversation. We hope this panel will inspire a thirst for knowledge about the impact immigrants have on our culture and our lives and will spark a desire to learn more about immigrant communities.

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