PK4Keeps Open House (in person)

Attend the third open house for PK4Keeps on March 24th and be part of the effort to create Poughkeepsie’s new comprehensive plan and zoning code. Learn about PK4Keeps, talk to project representatives, and contribute your voice to the development of community strategies. Register here!

Join us for the March Open House

Reaching Local Communities With Equity, Access, and Inclusion in Environmental Education (virtual)

Learn how bringing more equity and inclusion into the environmental field is the best way to reach our communities with Eli Caref. Register here!

Eli Caref was born and raised in the concrete playgrounds of Brooklyn, New York, and throughout her childhood believed that nature was always “somewhere else.” Through her years in Environmental Education in and around New York City, she now knows that wildlife is everywhere you look, and her goal is to help all of her students find it in their own backyards. Eli will speak about her journey into this career path, working with local schools and students, and how bringing more equity and inclusion into our field is the best way to really work with and in our communities.