Program Support for ArlingtON PAR (Partners Against Racism)

This opportunity is available during the Fall 2022 semester. This opportunity can be conducted virtually and is only available for CEL credit.

ArlingtON PAR (Partners Against Racism) is a community group committed to engaging in equity work in the Arlington Central School District. This group was founded by 4 women (3 Vassar professors and 1 corporate manager). Our group is comprised of roughly 20 members and we meet bi-weekly via zoom. We attend Board of Education meetings and speak during the public comment period. We have our own podcast that features the experiences of families and students within the school district. We also work directly with teachers and administrators in the district on initiatives such as author visits. Moreover, we help draft policies in the district regarding equity. Interns are welcome to collaborate and support any of these efforts. Moving forward, we would like to increase/improve our media presence.

Position Description:

  • Research of relevant equity related policy issues.
  • Drafting of speeches to give during public meetings.
  • Management of social media and outreach plans.
  • Drafting of policies.
  • Coordinate meetings with your supervisor as well as your faculty sponsor.
  • Some of the work you do will be presented during biweekly meetings for the group to discuss.
  • Understand that this position requires flexibility. It’s common for us to come across. Information that demands our attention and our agenda will accordingly switch for a few days.

Desired Skills:

  • Research skills
  • Time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Critical thinking & problem solving skills
  • Networking skills
  • Technical proficiency including social media

Hours: Students can register for either 0.5 unit or 1.0 unit of credit ( min. 40 hrs with org over the semester for + 30 hrs of academic work OR min. 80 hr over the semester with org  + 60 hours of academic work)

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to

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