GIS Intern for Town of Gardiner Natural Resource Inventory

This opportunity is available during Fall 2022 semester. This opportunity can be conducted virtually and is only available for CEL credit.

The Gardiner Natural Resource Inventory Interactive Mapper was created in conjunction with a Vassar CEL student and completed in December 2021. In the winter and spring of 2022, additional action was taken by the Town to implement a Water Resources study and create new maps, while separately and concurrently developing a Community Preservation Plan with associated maps also created with a Vassar CEL student. These efforts were initiated through a multi-agency effort of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), representatives of the Town of Gardiner Boards and Commissions, representatives of the Public and the New York Rural Water Association. The current iteration of the webmap is accessible at

Position Description:

This project is proposed on behalf of the Gardiner Town Board, by the Gardiner Environmental Conservation Commission (ECC) together with the Gardiner Open Space Commission (GOSC). The ECC and GOSC are seeking continued support to revise and update our NRI interactive web map created in conjunction with the Vassar CEL in the Fall of 2021. The Town would like to update this set of web maps and layers allowing the ECC, GOSC, Planning Board, and other users, as well as the general public, to interact with the data more easily and to update some of the unfinished aspects in more depth.

As part of the learning experience provided by this project, at the completion of the project, the student may make a presentation to the Town Board, Planning Board, GOSC, and/or the ECC separately or jointly, to introduce the new features and functionality to potential users, the overall benefits and use of the Interactive Mapping as well as review the updated tutorial which will be completed as part of the project (see below.) Ideally this would be an in-person presentation, however, this can be completed virtually if conditions require. The deadline for completion of the project including presentations and tutorial is December 15, 2022.

Roberta Clements, former ECC Chair and present ECC member, will serve as the student’s mentor (SM) and liaison between the CEL student (the student) and the Town. Laura Rose, member of the GOSC, will provide support, review and back up for the project as needed. Neil Curri, of Vassar College, will be also be advising and supervising the student.


  • The online NRI interactive mapper updates will include of  adding a series of new web maps under an additional “Water Resources” tab using the ESRI ArcGIS Online Story Map tool and the maps provided by the Town’s Water Resources consultant. The maps will be developed under the supervision of the college’s supervising consultant (Neil Curri) using the town’s dedicated ESRI ArcGIS account.
    ● The student, under the supervision of Vassar College adjunct and GIS consultant, Neil Curri, will provide multiple updates and revisions to the existing mapper features
    ● In addition, the Town envisions a short (about 10 minutes) updated video tutorial overview to replace the existing outdated tutorial.
    ● Research feasibility of “parsing out” data layers from the 2014 “Sisson Habitats Map” and if possible create separate habitat layers as delineated in the data.
    ● Create two new maps related to the Community Preservation Plan data: one that highlights, in 5 layers, the parcels that score in the top 5% of “most important to preserve,” and one (also in 5 layers) for the top 20th percentile.

To Apply:  Please email a statement of interest and your resume to


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