Uriah Boston Barbershops in Poughkeepsie, NY

Boston’s obituary said that he began as an apprentice in the barbershop of Jared Gray.  Gray was also a Catharine Street AME Zion leader and an outspoken advocate of African-American rights.  His shop is listed in the city directory at 290 1/2 Main Street from 1845 to 1849, as “barber and fancy store.”  (It certainly pre-existed 1845 but city directories don’t go back that far–we found Gray in the census records and could retrace him in that database, too.)

Boston’s own barbershop is listed as follows:
1844: 317 Main Street, “Hair Dressing and Variety Store”
1845 through 1849:  12 Garden Street (same description as above)

1850 through 1854:  286 Main Street, “hair dresser”

1855 through 1857:  292 Main Street, “barber”

1859-1860:  listed as “Uriah Boston, scientific hair-cutter, 254 Main Street (upstairs)–Hair cutting, Hair Dressing and Shampooing–but no shaving done here.”  His home address (“col’d”) is now listed as being on South Ave.

1860-1861:  same advertisement as for the previous year, but address is now listed as 259 Main Street.  Same home address.

1862-1863:  “BOSTON Uriah, scientific hair cutter, 3 Liberty, home 90 Cannon.  Hair cutting, hair dressing and shampooing–but no shaving done here.  Wigs, toupees, and all sorts of hair made to order, cheap and good.”

1864-1865:  same as previous year, but address is listed as “Liberty corner Main.”  Same home address.

1865-1866:  “haircutter and dresser, 4 Liberty, home 90 Cannon.”

1866-1867:  “(col’d) barber, Liberty n. Main, home 90 Cannon.”

1867-1868: “2 and 4 Liberty, home 90 Cannon.”

1868-1869:  “hair dresser, 4 Liberty.”