Monthly Archives: September 2017

Hi! My name is Wyn Zenni and here is my awkward snap dragon selfie along with some pictures of local food! Featured are Cucamelons and Tomatillos–two foods I never knew existed before visiting Amenia, New York. I look forward to going to more unique, quirky places in the Hudson Valley and learning about them! #ES291 #HudsonValley


Today we made a quick stop in Amenia,NY. Amenia is a small town with a singular traffic light and many peculiarities. I explored the area surrounding the town hall – which was an elementary school, and before that a seminary. The Amenia Library is home to a series of books and is managed by two amicable people.

the Amenia Library





My name is Sofia Rodas.

Today’s field trip to the small quaint town called Amenia was full of scenic views; the highlight was a super cute drive in theater. I can’t wait to see what is next in store on the #enst291 adventure.



This is Sarah Santaguida, officially signing in to this blog for #es291 of Fall 2017. Enjoy these pix from our trip to Amenia, NY, a place I did not know existed before today. They had a Drive-In theater! Those still exist! I featured an awkward selfie and a fitting first photo for what I hope to be a funducational experience of the scenic Hudson Valley.