Zoe Camhi has been a docent at the Loeb for four years. She is an environmental studies major and loves to discuss how art can change the world by raising awareness for social and environmental issues. Her favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh and favorite period of art is Post-Impressionism.








Olivia Feltus is a senior Japanese and art history major who spent summer 2019 in Kyoto, Japan. Olivia is a fourth-year docent from Clemson, South Carolina. She often pursues photography as a hobby and has collections of lots of things, including (but not limited to) erasers, typewriters, fancy shoes, and cameras.







Mira Genkovska is a second-year student from Varna, Bulgaria. She is a fan of pistachio ice cream and shadows— the latter fondness being one of the reasons for her attraction to the oil painting Shadow Decoration by Charles Courtney Curran. She says it is her favorite work from the Loeb’s collection in part because, “It shows the beauty that exists in the most commonplace, uneventful moments of everyday life, and it is grounding in that way.”







Anna Grayson is a junior and this is her third year working as a docent. She is a studio art major focusing in architecture and is interested in the entangling of works of art and architectural spaces. She loves the old, new, and untold stories of art—and Yayoi Kusama is her favorite.







Sergio Lozano is a senior history major from Bogotá, Colombia, and this will be his fourth year as a docent. His favorite time period is the Neoclassical era, but he loves learning about all artistic movements and talking to visitors about them.








Naima Nader is a second-year student. She grew up in Berlin, Germany, and Bordeaux, France. She loves journal- writing, collaging, and painting. She is also passionate about the sciences and is a math major.








Ethan Nurick grew up in a small city in central Maine where he first got involved with art and museums, volunteering with the local art collective and the Colby art museum. Now an Environmental Studies major here at Vassar, Ethan is excited to immerse himself in the Loeb’s collections (especially the modern and contemporary art collections), learning and sharing knowledge on the pieces that inspire him most.






Magdalena Ramos Mullane grew up in New Mexico where she developed a deep love for art and art making alike. Engaged in the ways in which art can impact communities, she finds herself skipping between her affection for the discipline of art history and the importance of making art as accessible as possible.







Cecily Rea is a sophomore at Vassar who has been appreciating art and museums since she was a child. She is a Media Studies major interested in English, art history, and music. Her favorite art movements are the Hudson River School and the Italian Renaissance. Aside from art, she loves singing and mint chocolate chip ice cream.







Chloe Richards is a junior urban studies and Spanish major. She is from the lovely Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Chloe is particularly excited to work in the Loeb because she has a passion for architecture and design and how these factors relate to art and the urban environment. Besides being a docent, Chloe works with WVKR, Habitat for Humanity, and as her dorm’s program director.






Ian Shelley is a junior art history major also focusing on French studies. He is particularly fond of French Impressionism, though Pop Art was his favorite style for a long time. He is from Maryland and loves spending time in D.C. museums, especially the National Gallery of Art. His favorite work is housed in the NGA: Nonchaloir by John Singer Sargent.