What is Digital Scholarship?

Digital Scholarship has many definitions, but in the broadest sense involves research and teaching that takes advantage of digital technologies to ask and answer questions in new ways.  As an undergraduate institution with a faculty extensively involved in both research and teaching, we recognize that digital scholarship can inform classroom experience, and vice-versa.

Examples of specific assistance we provide to enhance and facilitate digital scholarship include:

  • Project planning and support.  Whether the scope of your project is an individual lesson or on-going research,  we can provide expertise to help you plan, develop, and complete your project.

  • Support and advice for tools.  We provide technical consultation and assistance with using specific tools to accomplish the creation of items such as maps, timelines, exhibits, digital stories, collections of digital documents, images, or other objects.

  • Specialized equipment and software.  We provide equipment, expertise, and support for incorporation of digital content into classroom instruction, and for creation of digital objects.

  • Preservation and sustainability. We maintain guidelines that incorporate current standards for digitized material in order to enhance the longevity, accessibility, and usability of digital objects.  In addition, we can help identify the most appropriate location for your collection.

  • Institutional Repository.  We make available an Institutional Repository for members of the Vassar Community who wish to publish their work as open access.  An Institutional Repository can showcase the breadth of scholarship produced at an institution.  Items for inclusion can be everything from faculty papers and student scholarship, to open-access journals, conference proceedings, working papers, or monographs.

In addition to providing support for specific projects, the DiSSCo group is also engaging in ongoing conversations with faculty members about unmet needs and future goals, so that we can continue to evolve and enhance our offerings.  We are also maintaining partnerships with regional and peer institutions to seek opportunities for shared digital project support and collaboration.