Open access and institutional repository services

Vassar College Libraries supports open access, open publishing, and ways to deposit materials for library services.

I need to…

Manage my research to fulfill open access requirements or keep permanent connections to my research.

Our services

  • Data management planning

    NSFNIH and other funding agencies require PIs to share and disseminate data, and PIs may be required to describe plans for data management in their applications. Vassar’s librarians are available to assist PIs with developing plans to effectively manage data that is acquired or generated over the course of a research project. They can also help PIs access relevant resources to support preservation, including Vassar’s institutional repository as well as external and discipline-specific repositories. 

  • Deposit capabilities for scholarly materials in our institutional repository
  • Department storage for student theses or capstone projects in many formats
  • Storage for research output
  • Storage of work, data sets, preprints, or technical series materials in a repository

Please contact your liaison librarian for assistance or the Digital Scholarship and Technology Services department.