Biology 300-level registration lottery

Pre-registration for 300-level biology classes (not intensives) is handled through a lottery system.  The Biology Department has instituted a lottery process to assign students to 300-level biology classes in the most equitable manner possible, according to students’ needs and interests. Rising seniors and juniors wishing to take any fall 300-level biology class (except 393, 395, 399 and 303), must go through the “lottery” process to register.

The application to participate in the lottery is due no later than Sunday, April 26 at 11:59pm EST.

This application is NOT first come, first served. We won’t start sorting through applications, assigning draw numbers, etc., until after the deadline so please only submit your application when you are ready. In particular, pay attention to other courses you need to take and avoid requesting 300-level biology classes that conflict with those other courses.

After the application deadline, the department will randomly assign each applicant a draw number. In Round 1 of the lottery, rising seniors will be entered into their first class by draw number; ordinarily, students will be placed into the highest ranked course on their list that still has a seat available.  In Round 2, rising seniors needing to take a second class will be assigned to a second class according to a second randomly assigned draw number.  Because we need to ensure that every rising senior has met their major requirements, placement into seminars may deviate from draw order and/or rank preferences.  In Round 3,  rising juniors wishing to take a class will be placed into the highest ranked class on their list that still has a seat available.  All applicants for the lottery will be notified of the lottery results on Tues, April 27th.

Please complete the application form below fully and accurately.  Inaccurate information about pre-requisites taken will result in the dropping of a student from a course.  Note, students may only take a maximum of three Vassar 300-level biology courses (exception=399 or courses transferred from JYA).  If you have any questions about the form or the lottery process, please contact Jennifer Kennell (

This form is now closed. Please contact Professor Kennell ( if you have any questions.