What is Convention?

What is Convention? 

Convention (aka. Flow Up, Glow Up) is a 2-day event hosted by The Barefoot Fireflies that invites flow artists, speakers, circus vendors, and performers from across the country to campus to share their expertise with the Vassar/Poughkeepsie community.

Flow Up, Glow Up occurs on a Saturday and Sunday in late April and includes circus workshops for all skill levels, an evening performance, a raffle of circus equipment, and vendors!


Flow Up, Glow Up is open to anyone! Whether you’re an expert at hula hoop or have never juggled in your life, come on by.

Circus artists and vendors are encouraged to attend, lead workshops, perform, and sell merch by signing up on our “Sign Up Here” page.


Flow Up, Glow Up takes place on Vassar College Campus (124 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY. 12604). If you plan on attending, please visit our “Sign Up Here” page for more details.


Flow Up, Glow Up occurs for a full day on Saturday and a half-day on Sunday in late April. For more information, check out our “Flow Up, Glow Up 2022” page.


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