Adding An Image – From Flickr

Users of Vassar Blogs have 100MB of space.  This may seem like a lot, but if your blog is all about the images, you’ll quickly find you’re out of room.  The best way around this is to store your photos elsewhere.  There are plenty of free photo storage and sharing sites out there, but the most popular and arguably the easiest is Flickr.  (Incidentally, Flickr was started by Vassar alum Caterina Fake ’91.)  We’ll leave the details of uploading photos and sharing them to Flickr itself.  Here’s some directions on how you would add a photo from your Flickr photostream to your Vassar Blog.  These directions are also good for other people’s photos hosted on Flickr, but remember….  You should never use an image you don’t have explicit permission to use, as it puts you and the college at risk of copyright infringement.  More information about finding permissible photos can be found here.

    • Click on the photo in your photostream.


  • Click on ‘All Sizes’ above the photo.


  • Choose which size you’d like the photo to be.
  • Flickr now gives you two options: using the HTML code that they provide, or inserting the image using the photo’s web address (URL).


  • Flickr’s guidelines “specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website [like your Vassar Blog], the photo must link back to its photo page.”   To do this, you should use the HTML code they provide, and the rest of these directions pertain to that method.  If you want to break the rules (though you really shouldn’t), use the web address (URL) they provide and insert the image like you would with any external image.
  • Copy the HTML they provide beneath the image.
  • Click the ‘HTML’ tab at the top of your post editing panel in WordPress.


  • Paste the HTML they provide where you would like the image to go.
  • Back in the ‘Visual’ tab, you can move the image around, positioning it like you would with text.

Now you have all the joys of images, without the worries of running out of room!