Abigail Hebert 

A(rizona)lways in the studio

Busy reading books


You thought she was pre-med but she’s not. See the first B.

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Student-athlete Annabel Renshaw is an unimaginable 7’8″ tall. She has a 26 foot vertical and frequently vaults small trees when rushing to class. Back home in sunny California is where she first fell in love with volleyball when she saw a seal balance one on its head and thought, “I could do that!” She knows that you’re not supposed to balance volleyballs on your head but she still does it sometimes, just so she can remember her dear seal friend. Her catchphrase: “See ya on the court!”*

*Annabel has never played volleyball

Cailley Gerald-Yamasaki is a junior—which is fitting because she is smol and only fits in junior sizes—who hails from Santa Cruz, California. She is constantly busy with dance and singing groups and trying to fit naps in between rehearsals and classes. If she had free time she would spend it walking in redwood forests, exploring old buildings, doing cartwheels on the beach, reading on fire escapes, and staring at the sky. 

Caitlin Lewis is a junior drama and cognitive science double major. Born and raised in Ohio, her most recent work includes the American Dance Festival (Footprints, stage manager) and Verb Ballets (stage manager). If she isn’t backstage hanging lights with an electrics crew or stressing about the light cues, then she’s probably dancing or talking about dancing.

Danielle Lomi is a freshman from Milford, Connecticut who plans to major in biology and theatre studies. Danielle has been dancing for 15 years and has studied at the Lee Lund Studio of Dance as well as City Ballet in Raleigh, NC. When she’s not in the studio you can find her watching stand up comedy and obsessing over Freddie Mercury. She would like to thank her parents for their encouragement and her dog Daisy Hope for her hugs.

I’m Dora Law, a freshman from Saratoga Springs, NY who is planning on majoring in cognitive science. I am a bubbly gal who always has a smile on her face and I’m always singing and dancing even when no one has asked me to. I love meeting new people and I am always down to talk about any subject whatsoever. I am fascinated by how the world works and I love learning anything there is to know about it. 

My name is Eduardo Varas. I’m a freshman from Rye, New York. I’ve been doing classical ballet since I was three and I’m super excited to be dancing in VRDT this year!

Elliot Hoke is a sophomore whose major is still undecided. He’s been dancing for over a decade, but really started accelerating after joining VRDT last year. Apart from dance Elliot can be found in class, choir, student theater, or scheduling his many, many commitments.

Emily Lesorogol is a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri. This is Emily’s second year in VRDT, and her first year choreographing. Aside from dance, Emily likes to paint, produce podcasts, and draw cartoons for The Miscellany News.

Student-athlete Erin Byrne played exactly one season of rec soccer as a child and then quit because of all the running and decided to stick to dance classes instead. A lot has changed since then, but two things remain the same: Erin is still a dancer, and Erin still doesn’t like running. The only kind of running Erin does is running late to dance. 

Fiona Bruckman is a sophomore from Philadelphia (ish), Pennsylvania. She does not know what she wants to study but is maybe thinking something along the lines of English, science, history, animals, shapes, feelings, etc. She has seltzer in her veins instead of blood. It is amazing what the power of will can do.

Genevieve Waller-Whelan: I’m a junior sociology major from Harlem, NYC. When I’m not in Kenyon or Blodgett, I’m missing Talia Sheinkopf ’21 and Stella Royo ’21 (if you don’t know who they are… I’m disappointed in you and we need to talk). I love bein g surrounded by beautiful talented people all year long and look forward to dancing as much as possible this year.

Grace Hall has been dancing since before she could remember, and is always grateful to be able to get on stage! A first-year at Vassar, Grace is excited to figure out just what she wants to major in and experience all of the opportunities that VRDT has to offer her. She comes from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and enjoys long walks on the beach with her yellow lab. She’d like to thank her parents for always supporting her, and her friends for coming to see her shows.

NFL hopeful Grace Kushner has only recently learned to throw a football but is looking to be drafted as a quarterback. Standing at a respectable 5’6’’ she is a commanding presence on and off the field. When not throwing balls into tires she is an International Studies major at Vassar College with concentrations in Education and Hispanic Studies. Upon retiring from football, she would love to work abroad and learn as many languages as possible.

Hannah Littman is a lot of things, probably foremost a human person, second to that would be a dancer, third to that an English major, and the list goes on. She enjoys flinging herself around in the studio, reading a good book, watching lots of television, and talking about the aforementioned items. Despite having worked with a lot of lovely people in a lot of amazing places, nothing really compares to blasting music and jamming in a Kenyon studio at dusk. She’d like to thank her family back home in Los Angeles for their love and support and her VRDT family for being the superstars they are.

Student-athlete Henry Gilbert henry gilbert Henry gilbert Henry Gilbert henry gilbert Henrny Gilbert rneHy Bligert Ghenry Ghilbert Benry Gibert Henry delbert Delbert hiblert Hheny Blibbert Herry HbIglert Gerry Bibberto Bilbo Bilbert Horace Gibert hhhhrty Gilbert Horace Slughorn Gilbert Gilnert Gilbert Gellert. Henry Gb rt Hnnnnny hilbert Hgbilert Horny G Gilbert Gilbert Senior from Andover, Massachusetts.

Jalene Medina was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and began dancing at the age of three at the Vicky Simegiatos Performing Arts Center.  She began modern dance training at LaGuardia High School and she is excited to perform with the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre this year. 

Jennifer Peterson is thrilled to be a member of VRDT! She trained with the Frederick School of Classical Ballet in Maryland, the Wellington Dance and Performing Arts Academy in New Zealand, and Western Ballet in Silicon Valley. She also took a gap year to dance with Dances Patrelle in Manhattan. Special thanks to her parents for their love and support.

Jordan Nasif was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California before moving to the East Coast to pursue her dream on the diamond. She is a proud member of the Red Sox Organization, and plays shortstop for their minor league team while also somehow finding the time to double major in political science and French. Last season she accomplished her goal of reaching a .320 batting average while driving in 80 runs. Her on base percentage was a .410, one of the best on her team. This year she is aspiring to be pulled up to the bigs after reaching 35+ home runs. When she’s not fielding ground balls, hitting RBIs, studying war theory, or speaking French, you can find her hogging the squat rack or relaxing to classic rock on vinyl. 

This is Joshua Moody

Joshua is a cognitive science major who dances and runs.

Joshua realizes the world may not even be real, but just a representation of what his mind believes the “world” to be at a given time. 

Joshua stops writing…  

Joshua is Smart

Be like Joshua

Laura Tylinska is a first-year at Vassar and comes from Westchester, NY. She’s always dancing, even in places where she probably shouldn’t. She also has a passion for biology and is planning on doing pre-med. She is so excited for her first year in VRDT and wants to thank all of her friends, family and teachers back home for always supporting!

Lily Gee is a freshman from Berkeley, California. She likes Burt’s Bees, her water bottles, and her white Prius. Lily is excited for her first year at VRDT and more rehearsals in sun-lit studios.

After much deliberation, Lisette Fischer is now a loud and proud art history and math double major, but all she really wants to do is dance every day with anyone and everyone who will tolerate her. She is from the greatest city in the world (New York City), but is so happy to call Vassar and the Kenyon studios home. She would like to thank all the people in her life. And you (!) for taking the time to read this and coming to the shows :). Gifts of spicy ramen and avocados always appreciated after performances (or at any time).

Maya Talwar-Hebert’s motto is to play through the pain. As a dual cycling and basketball recruit, she’s on her game 25/7. When she’s not out on the court, catch her making protein shakes or working on her bench press (she’s up to 500 lbs!) in the Varsity Weight Room. In the words of Fergie singing the national anthem: Let’s play some basketball!

Natalie Junio-Thompson is a freshman from Norwich, VT. She fell in love with dance at age 8, and has been taking ballet and modern dance ever since. She is thrilled to be part of VRDT, and gives many thanks to her various dance teachers, her friends, and her wonderful family (especially her mom), for the support and opportunities they’ve offered throughout the years.

Nerissa Tunnessen of number one-two-four, Raymond Ave, was proud to say that she was perfectly normal [loved to dance], thank you very much. She was the last person you’d expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because she just didn’t hold with such nonsense. Yet… here she is. Thankful for another year of the nonsense of moving, Nerissa is back for her second year in VRDT, and more excited than ever.

Olivia Gotsch is a freshman from Chicago (the south side, not the north side) who’s planning to major in anthropology because she can’t pick a favorite subject. She loves (in no particular order) trains, the Great British Bake Off, learning new languages, and cooking for her friends. She would like to thank her parents, brother, and cat for their unconditional support and is excited to be joining VRDT this year.

Rachel Walter is a sophomore and Mathematics major from Kingston, Jamaica. Having trained in ballet, modern, and dabbled in Caribbean folk dance, she is excited to bring her own flare to the VRDT 2019-2020 Season of Dance!

Sloane Burling is a sophomore (soon-to-be) psychology and drama double major from a tiny, boring town in Connecticut. He is excited to be dancing with VRDT again and has learned quite a lot since last year—primarily not to go ice skating for the first time a week before Bardavon…

The most significant development in student-athlete Sophia Massie’s life in the past year has been adopting six shrimp and three catfish for which she is ill-prepared to care for. Two shrimp died within their first week under Sophia’s “watchful” eye. Hire her for all your petsitting needs!

Sophie Wang is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York. You will most likely find her running from Cushing House to the dance studios in Kenyon as she has left only one minute to get there for modern warm-up. Her favorite styles of dance are modern, contemporary, West African, house, and (an honest attempt at) hip hop. Outside of dance, Sophie loves crafting, thinking about thinking, and curating an eclectic wardrobe while spending the least amount of money possible. She is incredibly excited to begin her second year in VRDT!

Sydney Majka

Sophia Massie

You thought she was Sophia Massie but she’s not. See acrostic. 


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Weipeng Xie is a junior Neuroscience and Chemistry major and a Japanese minor. This is his second year in VRDT and hopes to have a great year. He was born in ShenZhen, China and moved to Fremont, CA when he was 11 years old. He enjoys sports of all kinds while he is not doing academic work, like figure skating, snowboarding, playing badminton, and playing tennis. He always has weird questions on his mind. “If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you very strong or very weak?” “When fish are in water, is it wet or is it dry?”

My name is Zoe Mueller and I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love hot cheetos and procrastination. One can most likely find me chasing dogs around campus, running to a Pilates class, or eating too many apples in the Deece. My favorite movies are any Studio Ghibli films, Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley, of course), and The Hundred Foot Journey. As a casual pastime, I like to watch baking shows while binging on veggie sticks. I also have a German Shepherd pup with floppy ears named Cairo.