Anna Beeman is a senior Environmental Studies major from Washington D.C. She is a former trainee at the Joffrey Ballet and will always be a bunhead at heart. Her favorite hobby is recycling and being the girl to tell other people to recycle. Dance is her second favorite hobby. She is thrilled to be back with VRDT for her senior year and looks forward to dancing in the company this year!


Kelly Bernatzky is a junior anthropology major from Amherst, Massachusetts. She is so excited to be dancing with VRDT and can’t wait to get on the Frances Daly Fergusson Dance Theater stage. When she is not dancing she can be found in the basement of Blodgett Hall cataloging archaeological artifacts and if she isn’t there, she’s most likely taking a nap. 



Jake Butter –






Four-year-old Erin Byrne sat in the back of her family’s car as they passed the local dance studio.

“Who wants to take dance classes?” asked Erin’s mother.

Erin isn’t exactly sure whether or not this was a serious question. Regardless, she proceeded to announce that she did in fact want to take dance classes, and she has been dancing ever since. Erin is excited to dance with VRDT this year, and believes that her four-year-old self would be proud


Lilli DiPaola is a lover of puns, letter-writing, and cozy sweaters. She would be lost without the support of many cups of coffee. She originally hales from Colorful Colorado, but has more recently lived a nomadic lifestyle. She is thrilled to be a part of VRDT this year and continue to pursue her passion for dance.



Salutations, I’m Jade Direnfeld, feel free to call me Jâdé (jah-day). I enjoy what any 21 year old would; quiet walks around Sunset Lake in the evening, reciting poetry with friends while perusing the art gallery, and also raging absolute face and going hard in the paint until my dance moves are legendary. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!



Henry Gilbert is a sophomore who is mourning the loss of cranberry juice at the Deece. If you enjoy his performance, rather than letting him know with a bouquet, show your gratitude with some cranbrizzle. It’s the least you can do.




Abby Hebert loves dancing because she is a dancer. She used to dance in Phoenix, but now she dances in Poughkeepsie. She dances to be a dancing dancer who dances! Did I mention she loves to dance? Enjoy the dance show!




Turner Hitt… 








Megan Jackson is a senior Sociology major and Film correlate from Doylestown, PA. She has been dancing for 11 years and this is her fourth year in VRDT. She has been called the “meme queen of our generation” and she is also a connoisseur of vine compilations (#ripvine). She secretly aspires to be a mermaid. In her spare time, you can find her tap dancing everywhere, complaining about how much reading she still has to do, or hanging out with her amazing housemates in her TA. 


Oui, this is Eva Kerisel from France. When Eva isn’t laughing at her own jokes or telling you your horoscope (not that you asked), you can find her dancing in Kenyon Hall. Eva loves to express her passion for cats and jamming to Madonna alone in her room in her dancing, so she is excited to be a part of VRDT and share her passion with the world. 

-Eva’s translator (because her dancing is much stronger than her English)


Heather Kettlewell is a shining star. She is also a senior majoring in International Studies, minoring in Hispanic Studies and pursuing a pre-med track (which she didn’t decide to do until her junior year). Heather is incredibly passionate about everything she does and is typically the most hardworking person in a room. If you ever catch her with a free second, ask her about the years she spent on her sailboat or how she traded in her soccer cleats for ballet slippers at the age of 16. Look out for her bionic red ponytail and infectious smile on stage. You won’t want to miss it. – written by Emily Martin


Grace Kushner is a sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her younger sister started dance before her and is the person that inspired Grace to do it as well. Grace started at Philadelphia Dance Theatre at the age of 6, learning ballet, modern, and jazz. After 11 years of training she decided not to dance her senior year of high school and joined the track and field team. However, after a brief stint as a pole vaulter and sprinter, she realized she should probably stick to what she knows best. This is her first year in VRDT and it has been the best part of her year so far!


Margaux Lieser is VRDT’s resident hairography practitioner extraordinaire. She whips her hair back and forth even when she’s studying econ, desperately in need of a little extra #fierce motivation. She goes bananas for bananas. Say the word “dance” to her, and you’ll never shut her up.




Sydney Majka loves to dance. When she is not dancing, she is talking about dance way too much, while she gives a tour. This year, she joined her fourth dance org. That’s a lot of dancing. She never misses a chance to dance. She wants to thank you all for coming to the performance <3




Emily Martin is a senior math major from Needham, Massachusetts (go red sox). When she’s not laughing at math jokes or dancing, she is telling people what to do (just ask her brother).  Emily is very grateful for her four years in VRDT, three years as John Meehan’s assistant, and role as “mom” of the company. She would like to thank Gracie and Teddy, her two Labrador Retrievers, for their support. Emily would also like to thank her mother for being the official VRDT mom and for always being right.


Sophia Massie is tired of the typical bio format, so here is a list of 5 fun facts about her:

1. She was born on May 13, 1998. She is a taurus. She knows that that makes her the best, you don’t have to tell her.

2. Though most people consider her a ballerina, few people know that she has unparalleled tap skills. She keeps quiet about it so that people aren’t too jealous of her myriad of talents.

3. She was homeschooled; do with that what you will.

4. Her favorite flavor of sour patch kids are red and blue.

5. She suffers from a severe case of sesamoiditis. Look it up.

-written by Annabel Renshaw


Kayla Miron is a senior English and Educational Studies double major. She’s writing a thesis about sex ed. She works in the Writing Center and likes art. She’s good at Taboo and likes stealing legal pads for the irony. Also she likes dogs. A lot.





Jordan Nasif is a sophomore Poli Sci and French double major from San Diego, CA. Before joining VRDT, Jordan danced as an apprentice with the California Ballet Company. When not dancing, you can find this paradoxical bunhead rocking out to her favorite music (classic rock on vinyl of course), boxing in the gym, or watching the Red Sox. Jordan has always been considered “an old soul” by her family, and apparently that soul is one of a middle aged man! -written by Mama Nasif 


Pinelopi Papadopoulou is a sophomore Psychology major and French correlate from Athens, Greece but will

go Greek… Όπως είπε και ο Καζαντζάκης « Ότι δεν συνέβη ποτέ, είναι ότι δεν ποθήσαμε αρκετά», έτσι και εγώ μπόρεσα να μπω σε αυτή την ομάδα χορού. Επειδή το πόθησα αρκετά και αυτό γιατί έχω γονείς που μου μάθανε να νιώθω πράγματα και μία δασκάλα που με έκανε να έχω πάθος για το χορό.


Eliza Reeves Perkins is a national treasure from Monterey, California. Besides having a strong technique in ballet, jazz and modern, Eliza likes to hip and hop to Beyoncé’s Love on Top. She is passionate about trail mixes, marzipan-filled chocolate (the red brand) and speaking German. Eliza wouldn’t be caught dead passing up an opportunity to hike. The purest human out there, Eliza Perkins refers to putting her pajamas on as “getting into her cozies.” She would like to thank her family for their love and support and for coming to all of her performances throughout the years. Protect Eliza at all costs!! 

-Words by Eva K. 


Annabel Renshaw was born on May 13th, 1998, somewhere in California. She lived and danced somewhere for a while too. She used to have braces and once attended Interlochen’s summer camp, though it is not known if those two facts coincided. Besides her obvious excellence in dance, her talents include being a really good driver (she drove a huge U-Haul truck multiple times this past summer). As a sophomore drama major, pre-med student with a hispanic studies correlate, Annabel will soon add “singer” to her list of credentials! Annabel is a big fan of fake banana flavoring. Unfortunately, Annabel suffers from a bad case of sesamoiditis. -written by sophia massie


Leora Randall-Tavori is a senior and would like it to stay that way, minus any further work, and any further stress about anything related to the future. Time is a social construct anyway, it’s fine. She enjoys avoiding the foods she’s allergic to (find her after the show if you want the full list), and enjoys eating the foods she’s allergic to (when it’s worth it, and there’s no risk of anaphylactic shock). Corgis are her favorite, though most would argue that sheis a Unicorn.



Hey, I’m Stella Royo. I’m from New York but I grew up in LA. I’m interested in sociology as well as film and photography. I studied contemporary dance in middle and high school. I also studied choreography, dance theory, and dance history. I’m excited to be a part of VRDT this year.




Talia Sheinkopf is a freshman from Bellingham, Washington and is absolutely thrilled to be a member of VRDT this year. She began as a gymnast, but that required too many life-threatening situations so she started dancing five years ago and is ever so happy she did. She enjoys drawing, fruit, and handstands, and has no idea what she is doing with her life in general. But apparently she has time! So it’s fine. She’s feeling so excited (and nervous) for her first year! 


Maya Slocum is a freshman from Norwell, Massachusetts. She has primarily studied Vaganova ballet, with more recent training in modern dance. She is very excited for the opportunity to dance and perform with VRDT! 





Allison Sugino is a senior from NYC majoring in denial that she’s a senior. She also sometimes dabbles in Greek and Roman Studies on the side. This is her fourth and final (what) year in VRDT and she is so grateful not only for the last few amazing years but also for the long-awaited end of the war over her essence creature- she’s officially a bluebird. When not slamming into the barres or the walls in Kenyon cause she travelled too much, again, she can be found badly explaining Roman myths, hoarding flannel, or drinking her entire weight in coffee. 


Maya Talwar-Hebert hails from a small town just north of Boston known for its record number of pizza places and nail salons. She enjoys seeking out obscure music, mixing multiple kinds of cereal together, casually inserting SpongeBob quotes into conversation, and organizing photo shoots of her dog. This is her second year in VRDT and she’s incredibly excited and grateful to be back. She’d like to thank her friends and family for consistently being the some of the loudest, most enthusiastic audience members despite having sat through a record number of her dance performances.


Quinn Waller is a freshman from Columbus, Ohio, and a passionate egg hater. She is interested in a Religion and English double major and is greatly looking forward to unemployment upon graduation! She’s been dancing for 16 years, and enjoying it for 5.




Allison Wan is a Bay Area ballerina pretending to be a modern dancer. She ​​​​has put this bio off to the very last minute because despite eighteen years of existence and the drudge of college applications, Allison is still unsure of who she is. On average, she experiences at least one existential crisis every two days, and questions her life decisions every three days. Thus she has joined VRDT in attempts to find herself.



Juliet B Weis is the daughter of two artists. One takes pictures. The other paints. Juliet dances.





Born and raised in New York City, Genevieve Waller-Whelan found her passion for dance at the mere age of two. She considers herself a ballegramenco dancer (ballet/Graham/flamenco dancer). Although dance has always been extremely important to her, she is super passionate about many things! These include environmental science, traveling, listening to Beyoncé, dancing/lip syncing to Beyoncé, being Beyoncé, binge watching YouTube videos until her eyes burn, and topping everything with hot sauce! 


Hannah Worby is a senior Religion and Cognitive Science double major from New York. Catch her complaining about how much reading she has to do when she should be doing it. One time, her housemates were confused because there wasn’t a full pot of morning coffee… then they realized Hannah was gone for the weekend. She’d like to thank her parents for letting her dance around the kitchen to her heart’s content (and she’d like to thank her housemates for the same thing). She’s so happy she finally found her way back to VRDT :)