2007-2008: Bardavon 2008

Also from 2007-2008:

26th Annual Gala at the Bardavon

All photos by Ari Neiditz ’08

Correlazione (excerpts) 1994

Choreographer: Miriam Mahdaviani
Composer: Arcangelo Corelli

Pas de deux #1
March 1st: Isabel Vondermuhll and David Rodriguez
March 2nd: Miriam Greenstein and Devon Wambold

March 1st: Sophie Alpern, Kristina Duffy, and Rebecca Ain with David Rodriguez
March 2nd: Miranda Robertson, Amanda Sugino, and Nicole Krenitsky with Devon Wambold

Pas de deux #2
Alex Spyropoulos and Naquan Earp

March 1st Dancers with Amanda Sugino
March 2nd Dancers with Kristina Duffy

Collective Apathy

Choreographer: Suzanne Gerdes
Music: History Repeating by Propellerheads & Miss Shirley Bassey

Dancers: Claire Grandison, Catlin Henderson, Max Hershenow, Tobi Lawson, Martha Leonard, Cameron Lussier, David Rodriguez, Alix Schrager

Based on the Kitty Genovese murder, 1964

Twilight Falling in Your Eyes (excerpts) 1995

Choreographer: Paul Mosley
Music: Johnny Mercer, sung by Ella Fitzgerald

March 1st: Catlin Henderson
March 2nd: Claire Grandison

Travelin’ Light
March 1st: Katie Aspell and Dana Christy, Ivana Milic-Strkalj amd Rebecca Rozin
March 2nd: Lindsay Kozlowski and Mallory Easton, Martha Leonard and Alix Schrager

Too Marvelous for Words
March 1st: Nicole Krenitsky, Marianne Kies, Catlin Henderson
March 2nd: Marianne Kies, Nicole Krenitsky, Claire Grandison

Black Thai Party

Choreographer: Sam Petersson
Music: Bamboo Banga by M.I.A.

Dancers: Joey Army, Naquan Earp, Mallory Easton, Suzanne Gerdes, Christina Guhl, Max Hershenow, Camilla Kelsoe, Tobi Lawson, Martha Leonard, Dan Ming, Adin Nelson, Alex Rodabaugh, David Rodriguez, Alex Spyropoulos, Analiese Umana


Choreographer: Steve Rooks
Music: Howard Kilik

Section I “Exiles” (first journey)
Section II “Zelophehad’s Daughters”
Section III ” Exiles” (second journey)
Section IV “Pillar of Salt” – Marion Spencer (soloist, March 1st),
Amanda Sugino (soloist, March 2nd)
Section V “Babel”

Dancers: Sophie Alpern, Miriam Greenstein, Amanda Sugino, Suzanne Gerdes, Marion Spencer, Brittany Ouyang, Kaia Ross-Duggan, David Rodriguez, Max Hershenow, Cameron Lussier
(Understudies: Tobi Lawson and Joey Army)

The Edge

Choreographers: Dan Ming and Katie Aspell
Music: Björk

Dancers: Rebecca Ain, Naquan Earp, Mallory Easton, Camilla Kelsoe, Ivana Milic-Strkalj, Alix Schrager, Dan Ming, Katie Aspell

“Battle not with monsters lest ye become one; for when you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks into you.” — Nietzsche

Grand Duo

Choreographer: Mark Morris
Music: Lou Harrison (Grand Duo for Violin and Piano)
A Round

Pianist: Daniel Pressler
Violinist: Sebastian Weinberg ‘09

Staging: Megan Williams
Costume Design: Susan Ruddie
Lighting: Michael Chybowski (recreated by David Ferri)

Dancers March 1st
Rebecca Ain, Katie Aspell, Suzanne Gerdes, Claire Grandison, Miriam Greenstein, Christina Guhl, Catlin Henderson, Nicole Krenitsky, Cameron Lussier, Daniel Ming, Miranda Robertson, David Rodriguez, Amanda Sugino, Devon Wambold

Dancers March 2nd
Suzanne Gerdes, Claire Grandison, Miriam Greenstein, Catlin Henderson, Camilla Kelsoe, Lindsay Kozlowski, Martha Leonard,
Cameron Lussier, David Rodriguez, Alix Schrager, Marion Spencer, Amanda Sugino, Analiese Umana, Devon Wambold

Premiere: February 16, 1993
Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Grand Duo’s production at Vassar was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment and New England Foundation for the Arts through the American Masterpieces Dance College Component Series. Costumes courtesy of SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance.

Dark Matter (2001)

Sunday’s performance of Dark Matter is dedicated to the memory of Judith Bernier

Choreographer: Jeanne Periolat Czula
Music: Selections from Po Zarostlém Chodníčku by Leoš Janáček
Pianist: Daniel Pressler
Costume Execution: Lydia Harmon of Tutu Etoile and Arianna Morales ‘08

Saturday, March 1st
Denial: Miranda Robertson, Kristina Duffy, Nicole Krenitsky, and Brittany Ouyang
Anger: Sophie Alpern, Amanda Sugino and Naquan Earp (Understudy, Joseph Army)
Mourning and Acceptance: Miriam Greenstein and Devon Wambold (Understudy: Marianne Kies)

Sunday, March 2nd
Denial: Amanda Sugino, Rebecca Ain, Nicole Krenitsky and Analiese Umana
Anger: Alexandra Spyropoulos, Marianne Kies and Adin Nelson (Understudy: Brittany Ouyang)
Mourning and Acceptance: Sophie Alpern and Joseph Army


Choreographer: Kaia Ross-Duggan
Composer: Idlewild Blue (Don’t Chu Worry ‘Bout Me) and PJ Rooster by Andre 3000

Dancers: Suzanne Gerdes, Naquan Earp, Claire Grandison, Marion Spencer, Tobi Lawson, Dana Christy

This piece is about passion, communication, and downright goodness.

Phallus in Wonderland

Choreographer: David Rodriguez
Music: Jacques Lu Cont, Ciara, Dannii Minogue, The Ones,
Daft Punk, Madonna, Paris is Burning

Phallus — Max Hershenow
White Rabbit — Isabel Vondermuhll
Tweedledee — Dana Christy
Tweedledum — Mim Greenstein
Mad Hatter — Claire Grandison
March Hare — Joey Army
Flowers — Marion Spencer, Kaia Ross-Duggan, Suzanne Gerdes
Caterpillar — Cam Lussier
Queen of Hearts — Rebecca Ain
King of Hearts — Alex Rodabaugh
Cheshire Cat — David Rodriguez


Choreographers: Abby Saxon and Martha Tobias
Music: Andy Monroe

Dancers: Suzanne Gerdes, Claire Grandison, Christina Guhl, Nicole Krenitsky, Kaia Ross-Duggan, Joey Army,
Cameron Lussier, Adin Nelson, Alex Rodabaugh, David Rodriguez


Pronounced “nav-HEEN-tahh”, this title means “Innocence” in Irish Gaelic.

Choreographer: Marianne Kies
Composer: “The Violet Flame” by Jeff Victor

Dancers: Miriam Greenstein, Nicole Krenitsky, Rebecca Ain, Sophie Alpern, Isabel Vondermuhll

This piece was inspired by Cristin Chabot, and is dedicated to Antonietta Elaine and Charlotte Hope.
Many thanks to Colleen and Larry Robertson for providing the costumes.


Choreographer: Marion Spencer
Music: The Books, Matmos

Dancers: Catlin Henderson, Camilla Kelsoe, Martha Leonard, Cameron Lussier, David Rodriguez


Choreographer: Kathy Wildberger
Costume Design: Kathy Wildberger
Music: The Walker Family: Jeff – guitar, Kathy – fiddle, Peter – accordion, Scottish small pipes, Laurel – fiddle, step dance, Mary Claire – acoustic bass, guitar, step dance, Patrick – penny whistle, Scottish small pipes, Forrest – jaw harp, djembe, Rachel – percussion, Hannah – percussion

Dancers: The Company