2005-2006: Bardavon 2006

Also from 2005-2006:


Choreographer:  John Meehan
Costumes:  Richard Prouse
Music:    Shostakovitch:   Excerpts from Jazz Suite

Opening:   Rebecca Ain, Miriam Greenstein, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque,
Marianne Kies, Sarah Knerr, Claudia Rea, Miranda Robertson, Jessica Waxler

Ashley’s Waltz:   Ashley Otremba with
Miriam Greenstein, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Claudia Rea, Miranda Robertson

Jessica’s Polka:   Jessica Waxler with
Rebecca Ain, Marianne Kies, Sarah Knerr

Claudia’s Waltz:   Claudia Rea with
Miriam Greenstein, Miranda Robertson

Finale:   Rebecca Ain, Miriam Greenstein, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque,
Marianne Kies, Sarah Knerr, Ashley Otremba, Claudia Rea,
Miranda Robertson, Jessica Waxler


Choreographer:  Rachel Elliot
Music:  Come Sunday by Duke Ellington
featuring Mahalia Jackson

Dancers:  Dwayne Brown, Lisa Field, Dana Fitchett, Catlin Henderson,
Danielle Patterson, Kaia Ross-Duggan

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord: be of courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.  —Psalm 27:13-14


Choreographer:  Ashley Otremba
Music:  The Killers

Dancers:  Rebecca Ain, Miriam Greenstein, Ashley Otremba, Claudia Rea,
Miranda Robertson, Jessica Waxler


Choreographer:  Abby Saxon and Martha Tobias
Music:    Ben Charest–from the soundtrack of Triplets of Belleville

Dancers:    Dwayne Brown, Lisa Field, Suzanne Gerdes, Claire Grandison, Kaitlyn Hipple (3/5, Marianne Kies (3/4),
Sacha Manov, David Rodriguez, Kaia Ross-Duggan, Marion Spencer(3/4), Analiese Umana (3/5)



 Choreographer:  Gabrielle Revlock

Music: Original music by Ennio Morricone.  Arranged by Kerry Kenney
Costumes: Kerry Kenney, Gabrielle Revlock, Kathy Wildberger

Dancers:  Robin Cherof, Ariel Braverman, Dana Fitchett, David Rodriguez, Claire Grandison, Kaia Ross-Duggan,
Jessica Jacobson, Lindsay Kozlowski, Bianca Londono, Marion Spencer

end’s ending then these dolls of joy and grief
these recent memories of future dream
these perhaps who have lost their shadows if
which did not do the losing spectres mime
  -e.e. cummings

“O to be self-balanced for contingencies,
To confront night, storms, hunger, ridicule,
accidents, rebuffs, as the trees and animals do.”
  -Walt Whitman

WIEN* (1995)

Choreographer:  Pascal Rioult
Reconstructionist:  Joyce Herring
Lighting:  David Finley     Costumes:  Russ Vogler
Music:  La Valse by Maurice Ravel

Dancers:    Dwayne Brown, Rama Jaima, David Rodriguez
March 4th— Dana Fitchett, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Ashley Otremba,
March 5th— Ariel Braverman, Suzanne Gerdes, Catlin Henderson,

Faithful to Ravel’s intentions, Wien is a fantastic and fatal swirling of tragic dimensions.  The Viennese waltz, the very image of social refinement, becomes the symbol of a disintegrating society taken into a whirlpool of violence and humiliation.  The piece has the poisoned atmosphere of despair and fatalism.  It is the trail of failed humanity.  It is a premonition of triumphant evil.

*Wien (Vienna) is the original title of the musical score.
(First Performed January 13, 1995 – Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse, New York)
 Acquisition of Wien for VRDT’s 2005-06 season was made possible through a grant from Dance/USA’s National College Choreography Initiative.  Costumes courtesy of SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory.

  TAKE 5

Choreographer:   Claudia Rea
Music: Take Five by David Brubeck

Dancers: Miranda Robertson, Miriam Greenstein, Ashley Otremba, Claudia Rea



Choreographer:  Kathy Wildberger
Music:    Beethoven  (opus 27 no.2, third movement, played by Arthur Rubenstein)

Dancers:  Nick DeCarlo, Lisa Field, Claire Grandison, Kaitlyn Hipple, Rama Jaima,
Jessica Jacobson, Sarah Knerr, Lindsay Kozlowski, Bianca Londono,


Choreographer:  Steve Rooks
Music:  Howard Kilik

Dancers:  Dwayne Brown, Rachel Elliott, Dana Fitchett, Miriam Greenstein,
Catlin Henderson, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Rama Jaima,
Cameron Lussier, Ashley Otremba, Claudia Rea


Choreographer:  David Rodriguez
Music:  Tosca Tango Orchestra

Dancers:  Robin Cherof, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Marianne Kies, Cameron Lussier, Jackson Reeves, David Rodriguez, Kaia Ross-Duggan


dystopian paradise (section III)

Choreographer:  Dana Fitchett
Music:  Clint Mansell remixed by Josh Wink
(edited by Keith Croxton)

Dancers:    Dwayne Brown, Dana Fitchett, Suzanne Gerdes, Miriam Greenstein, Catlin Henderson,
Rama Jaima, Cameron Lussier, Claudia Rea, Leah Wilks


Choreographer:  Barrington Moncrieffe

Music:    Traditional
Percussionists: Henry Miller, Leaford Jeremiah McFarlane, Cedric Thomas, Douglas Carnes
Flautist:  Orawan Gardner
Costume Design:  Barrington Moncrieffe
Horse Head Construction:  Paul O’Connor

Dancers:    The Company: