2004-2005: Bardavon 2005

Also from 2004-2005:

(All photos  from Steven Powell, Eagle Videos)

Variations from LES SYLPHIDES (1909) (Chopiniana)

Choreographer:  Michel Fokine
Music:  Frédéric Chopin,

Pianist:  Daniel Pressler
Staged by:  J. Periolat Czula
after the version by A. Danilova
Costume Design:  Galina Solovyeva after  traditional
Costume Execution:  Theatrical Workshops Vozrozhdenie (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Solo Variations
Prelude:  Ashley Otremba (2/26),  Jessica Waxler (2/27)
Mazurka:  Caitlin Teres
Waltz:  Lindsay Barrick

Pas de deux
Anna Behrens (2/26),  Miriam Greenstein (2/27)
and Blaine Hoven*


Choreographer:  Steve Rooks
Music:  John Adams

Klinghoffer – Tommy Noonan
Klinghoffer’s Wife – Tiffany Watson
Soldiers – Dwayne Brown, Ben Proffer, Pedro Rodriguez
Chorus – Danna Colon, Jessie Feller,  Maya Lau

 “…after her dream that night, Klinghoffer was taken hostage by the soldiers.
 Three women looked on in disbelief…”

Solo Variations
Prelude:  Ashley Otremba (2/26),  Jessica Waxler (2/27)
Mazurka:  Caitlin Teres
Waltz:  Lindsay Barrick

 Pas de deux
Anna Behrens (2/26),  Miriam Greenstein (2/27)
and Tommy Noonan


Choreographer:  Dana Fitchett
Music:  Ur Tchun Tan Tse Qi by Matmos (Remixed)

Dancers:  Rachel Elliott, Dana Fitchett, Martha Leonard


Choreographer:  Tommy Noonan

Music:  Score composed by Tommy Noonan.–samples include:
Les Tambours du Bronx, Gerhard Ruhm, GYBE, Fantomas, and Josef Anton Reidl

Dancers:  Anna Behrens, Dwayne Brown, Jessie Feller, Patrick Kearns, Julia Sabangan, Tiffany Watson

COME THE SPRING: A Vassar etude

Choreographer:     Andrij Dobriansky

Music:   Finale from Symphony in G Minor by Vadym Zhuravytsky

Dancers: Lindsay Barrick, Rachel Betz, Lauren Duff, Katharine Ehly, Miriam Greenstein, Kaitlyn Hipple, Martha Leonard, Sacha Manov


Choreographer:  Martha Graham

Excerpts from Appalachian Spring (1944)
“Ballet for Martha”
Music: Aaron Copeland
Reconstruction by:  Steve Rooks

 Husbandman/ Bride Duet  
The Husbandman:  Tommy Noonan
The Bride:  Liza Hoffman (2/26), Kaitlin Butler (2/27)

Bride Solo
Tiffany Watson (2/26), Julia Sabangan (2/27)
Preacher Solo
The Revivalist:  Patrick Kearns

 “Final Chorus” from Night Journey (1947)
Music: William Schuman
Reconstruction by:  Steve Rooks
Daughters of Night
Rachel Elliott with:   Anna Behrens, Danna Colon, Jessie Feller, Dana Fitchett, Maya Lau, Amena Ogio
“Seduction” from El Penitente (1940)
Music: Louis Horst
Reconstruction by:  Steve Rooks
Apple designed by Ryan Headd after Isamu Noguchi
Penitent: David Rodriguez
Mary as Magdalene:  Lauren Duff (2/26), Jessica Waxler (2/27)

Steps in the Street
Excerpt from Chronicle (1936)
Music: Wallingford Riegger
Restaged for Vassar College by:  Joyce Herring
Labanotator:  Ray Cook

Lead Woman: Julia Sabangan (2/26), Tiffany Watson (2/27)
Chorus:  Anna Behrens, Rachel Betz, Kaitlin Butler, Danna Colon, Rachel Elliott, Jessie Feller, Dana Fitchett, Catlin Henderson,
Liza Hoffman, Lindsay Kozlowski, Maya Lau, Amena Ogio, Ashley Otremba, Ilia Smith, Caitlin Teres

Original Costumes for Graham works presented: Martha Graham
Costumes adapted by:  Steve Rooks and Kathy Wildberger
Costumes for Steps in the Street provided courtesy of Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance
Original Lighting for Graham works presented:  Jean Rosenthal
Lighting Adapted for Vassar College by:  Beverly Emmons and Joshua Starbuck

All dances in the Martha Graham Suite are presented by arrangement with Martha Graham Resources, a division of the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.
Martha Graham Resources is responsible for facilitation of productions of Graham dances worldwide.  For information contact info@marthagrahamdance.org


Choreographer:     Miriam Mahdaviani
Music:   J.S. Bach (from A Musical Offering)

Dancers:  Lindsay Barrick, Katherine Brown*, Miriam Greenstein, Ashley Otremba, Caitlin Teres, Jessica Waxler understudy – Miranda Robertson

*Katherine Brown ‘08 ia a guest with the company this year


Choreographers:  Danna Colon and Maya Lau
Music: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron
Harsky and Starch by Mixmaster Mike

Dancers:  Dwayne Brown, Kaitlin Butler, Danna Colon, Rachel Elliott, Catlin Henderson, Maya Lau


Choreographer:  Julia Sabangan
Music:  John Zorn, King Crimson and Ron Kuivila
Arranged by: Daniel Pressler

Dancers:  Anna Behrens, Dana Fitchett, Tommy Noonan, Julia Sabangan, Tiffany Watson

Excerpts from SWING SUITE (1979)

Choreographer:  Danny Buraczeski
Restaged by:     Abby Saxon (assisted by Martha Ross Tobias)
Music:    Glenn Miller and the Army Air Force Band

Trio:  Dwayne Brown, Kaitlin Butler, Tommy Noonan
Understudy:  Ashley Otremba
Solo:  Jessie Feller
Finale: Rachel Betz, Dwayne Brown, Kaitlin Butler, Jessie Feller, Claire Grandison,
Martha Leonard, Tommy Noonan, Ashley Otremba, Caitlin Teres
Understudy: Ben Proffer 


Choreographer:  Kathy Wildberger
Music:  Arvo Pärt—Summa
Crow Reservation children’s karaoke—Eurythmics

Sprider Walking:  Patrick Kearns
Dancers:  Anna Behrens, Dwayne Brown, Dana Fitchett, Maya Lau, David Rodriguez, Pedro Rodriguez, Julia Sabangan

Little Ones:  Ariana Rooks and Kirstin Rooks

“The Crow children stopped dancing to watch the trail of the spider. 
When the earth is in great danger, one spider will carry the secret of the universe back into mother earth.”

 Special Thanks to the Friedman Fund for assisting Sam Petersson in his travels to Crow.  Aho to Peggy White, Center Pole, Susie Kelly and The Kelly Foundation.


Choreographer: Lauren Duff
Music:  Bela Fleck

Dancers:  Lauren Duff, Katharine Ehly, Cat Henderson


Choreographer:  Paul D. Mosley
Music:  “Esa Eynai” composed and performed by Howard Kilik

Dancers:  The Company

In the first page of my dream book
It is always evening,
In an occupied country…
Alone and coatless,
I am on a street corner
Where I shouldn’t be.      
                        —Charles Simic