2003-2004: Bardavon 2004

Also from 2003-2004:


Choreography:   Miriam Mahdaviani
Music:  Leonard Bernstein

Dancers: Katherine Greenberg, Liza Hoffman, Sam Petersson, Kitty Sailer,
Laura Scileppi, Caitlin Teres, Kathy Wasik, Jessica Waxler,
Understudy: Ashley Otremba


Choreography:   Dana Fitchett
Music:  Fluke

Dancers: Kaitlin Butler, Danna Colon, Emily Little, Claudia Rea, Tova Grunes


Choreography:  Tommy Noonan
Music:  Susan Botti, Daniel Kirk Foster, Art of Noise, Jesse Manno
Sound Design:  Daniel Pressler, and Tommy Noonan

Dancers: Tommy Noonan, Kitty Sailer, Kathy Wasik,
Tiffany Watson, Adam Weinert


Choreography:  Peggy Cheng
Music:  Tom Waits, Kodo
Sound Design:  Brian Nishii (’93)/Westwell Productions

Dancers:  Dana Fitchett, Rama Jaima, Patrick Kearns, Maya Lau


Choreography:  Abby Saxon
Music: Alessando Scarlatti

Dancers: Amena Ogio (soloist), Kaitlin Butler, Bailey Eckhardt, Tova Grunes,
Erica Hunter, Emily Little, Ashley Otremba, Ilia Smith,
Matt Stempson, Caitlin Teres, Jessica Waxler


Choreography:  José Limón (1958)
©The José Limón Foundation
Restaged by:  Sarah Stackhouse
Music:  Frédéric Chopin
Pianist: Martina Cukrov
Costume Design: Katherine Wildberger
Rehearsal Director: Katheirne Wildberger

Dancers:  (Saturday, Feb. 28th)
Rama Jaima, Patrick Kearns, Suzy Letourneau,
Kitty Sailer, Laura Scileppi, Matt Stempson, Tiffany Watson, Adam Weinert

Dancers: (Sunday, Feb. 29th)
Dana Fitchett, Rama Jaima, Emily Little,
Tommy Noonan, Matt Stempson, Tai Verley, Kathy Wasik

Entrance (Opus 68 No. 1)
Duet (Opus 41 No. 4)
Solo (Opus 30 No. 2)
Solo (Opus 41 No. 2)
Quartet (Opus 56 No. 1)
Trio (Opus 33 No. 2)
Solo (Posthumous A minor)
Duet (Opus 30 No. 4)
Finale (Opus 30 No. 3)

                 First performed August 15, 1958 at the American Dance Festival, New London, CT by the José Limón Dance Company. Originally called Dances in Honor of Pozman, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Warsawa, it was created by José Limón in tribute to the resilient spirit of the Polish people and as a girft to the dancers of his company who had toured Poland with him in 1957.

Excerpts from WHO CARES?*

Choreography:  George Balanchine (1970)
©The George Balanchine Trust
Répétiteur:  Kathleen Tracey
Costume Design and Execution:  Ellen McNally
Music:  George Gershwin
Rehearsal Director:  Jeanne Periolat Czula

“Somebody Loves Me”

Claudia Rea
Understudy:  Kathy Wasik

Danna Colon   Ashley Otremba   Kathy Wasik   Jessica Waxler
Alternate:  Caitlin Teres
Understudy:  Liza Hoffman

“Embraceable You”

Katherine Greenberg and Tommy Noonan
Understudies: Claudia Rea and Adam Weinert

*The performance of “Who Cares?”, a Balanchine® Ballet, is presented by arrangement with The George Balanchine Trust and has been produced in accordance with the Balanchine Style® and Balanchine Technique®. Service standards established and provided by the Trust.


Choreography:  Kitty Sailer
Music:  Polaris

Dancers: Dana Fitchett, Pat Kearns, Maya Lau, Kitty Sailer, Adam Weinert


Choreography:  Katherine Wildberger
Music:  Ludwig von Beethoven
Costume Design:  Katherine Wildberger

Dancers:  Rachel Betz, Jessica Jacobson, Rama Jaima, Emily Little, Tommy Noonan,
Claudia Rea, Kitty Sailer, Laura Scileppi, Matt Stempson,
Tai Verley, Kathy Wasik, Tiffany Watson


Choreography:   Steve Rooks
Music:  Ryan Lott, 0.2 Liters

I. Prelude: “She’s Gone”
Katherine Greenberg (2/28), Danna Colon (2/29)
and Sam Petersson

II. “Snap! You dissed me!”
Dana Fitchett and Sam Petersson

III. “The Clan at Nehshara”

IV. “Group Photo”

Dancers: Danna Colon, Bailey Eckhardt, Rachel Elliott, Dana Fitchett,
Katherine Greenberg, Tova Grunes, Rama Jaima, Patrick Kearns, Suzy Letourneau,
Amena Ogio, Sam Petersson, Adam Weinert
Understudy: Liza Hoffman


Choreography:  Tova Grunes
Music: Yerba Buena

Dancers: Jessica Jacobson, Maya Lau, Suzy Letourneau, Emily Little, Jessica Waxler


Choreography:  Rama Jaima
Music Composed and Performed by:  Daniel Rosen (Bass/Oboe)

Dancers:  Danna Colon, Rama Jaima, Maya Lau, Sam Petersson, Ilia Smith


Choreography:  Livia Vanaver
Music:  Bill Vanaver

Dancers:  The Company