2008-2009: Headshots

Also from 2008-2009:
Rebecca Ain (’09) Rebecca is a senior English major from Newton Massachusetts who received her dance training at Boston Ballet School before coming to Vassar. Rebecca feels honored to have been able to be part of the wonderful VRDT community for four years and would like to thank everyone who continues to help make dancing at Vassar one of the most special parts of her college experience.
Sophie Alpern (’10) Sophie is a junior sociology major from New York City, where she attended The Brearley School. She’s been dancing for over 14 years, and has studied at the School of American Ballet, Steps on Broadway, North Carolina School of the Arts, Houston Ballet Academy, and the Royal Ballet School. She is so grateful to be a part of such a talented group of dancers and choreographers for the third year in a row.
Joseph Army (’10) Joey is a drama/political science double major who spends 90% of his time in rehearsal for theater productions or VRDT. He is thrilled to be a part of VRDT again this year and feels so lucky to be able dance with so many wonderful and talented people!
Shuchorita Bose (’12) Shuchorita Bose is a freshman from Middletown, New Jersey. She lives for music and adores animals, both to the point of obsession. She also loves to perform and is excited about getting to dance in VRDT this year, but is not so excited about her awkward VRDT headshot.
Molly Brenner (’11) Molly is a sophomore from San Mateo, California, and this is her first year with VRDT. She just transferred from UC Berkeley, where she performed with a jazz dance group and trained in modern dance. Though she is still deciding on a major, she is considering a concentration in Film, English, or Media Studies. Molly is very excited to be at Vassar and feels honored to dance with VRDT.
Dana Cass (’11) Dana is a sophomore history major from Las Vegas, Nevada who started dancing at age twelve. She trained at Nevada Ballet Theatre and spent her high school years as a dance major at the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. Dana spends the majority of her time in one rehearsal or another, whether it’s dance or musical theatre, her other passion. She is a proud member of Vassar’s student-run dance group, FlyPeople, and enjoys spending far more time dancing than she does studying. This is her first year in VRDT and she is elated to be part of such a talented and inspiring group!
Robin Cherof (’09) Senior. Art History and Italian double major. Native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Slave to her sweet tooth. Aquarius. In love with her VRDT family, especially the deliciously talented and outrageously vibrant class of ’09. These are all ways to describe Robin.
Dana Christy (’11) Dana is a sophmore from Chicago (oh haaaaay Chi Town!) with a double major in American Culture and Fierceness. She was trained in ballet at the Ruth Page Center for the Arts, then did competitive gymnastics before joining the beautiful world of modern dance in high school. She has had the pleasure of working with such artists as Doug Varone, Anna Czajun, Shirley Mordine and Joel Hall. Dana loves VRDT with all her heart and is grateful to dance with so many incredible movers.
Brianna Clark (’11) Brianna Clark is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies. Brianna began dancing at the age of 4 and received her formal training from The Eastern Connecticut Ballet. She has also trained at Nutmeg Ballet and The Walnut Hill School. Brianna is very grateful to have all the people involved with VRDT in her life, and she is thrilled to be returning for her second year.
Lilli Cooper (’12) Lilli Cooper is a freshman from NYC and has studied dance at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center for over ten years. She is thrilled to be a part of VRDT and is grateful to be working with such talented dancers and choreographers.
Nick DiCarlo (’09) Nick grew up in Charleston, West Virginia, where he sang and danced with mountain folk. He’s forever indebted to Michelle Raider and her River City Youth Ballet. At Vassar he studies Media Studies and Film. Someday he’d like to film dance.
Liz Dolfi (’09) Liz is a senior double majoring in Religion and Women’s Studies. She started ballet when she was ten, and before coming to Vassar, she danced with the West London School of Dance and the Royal Ballet Senior Associates. At Vassar, she finally started taking modern dance and has completely fallen in love with it. She is very excited to be apprenticing with VRDT this year, and she wants to thank everyone for being so welcoming!
Emily Dunuwila (’12) Emily is a freshman from Syracuse, NY. She graduated from Fayetteville-Manlius High School where she was the captain of the FM Dance Team. The only things that Emily enjoys more than dance and theatre are dark chocolate, laughing, and Ugly Betty. She is so proud to be working alongside such wonderful dancers and teachers!
Naquan Earp (’09) Naquan is a senior from Newark, NJ; maybe you’ve been to the airport? Speaking of places you may have been, if you were at Bardavon three years ago you would have seen Naquan make his VRDT debut as, “the magical dancing horse”. And if you weren’t there, just imagine a kid with no prior dance experience wearing a giant horse head. Yeah, good times; but atlas all good things must come to an end. And like many psychology majors, he wonders what he will do once he graduates, but thanks to VRDT he isn’t worried. If all else fails he plans to start his own traveling one-man experimental dance company called, “Will Dance for Food”. Who knows? His dance company may be coming to a corner near you.
Mallory Easton (’11) Mallory is a sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee. She is an Urban Studies major and is working toward her early childhood certification. She’s happy to be a part of VRDT again this year, and thankful for getting to learn from so many talented choreographers and dancers.
Sara Gabrielson (’12) Sara is a freshman from Hillsborough, North Carolina. She fell in love with modern dance at Carolina Friends School and has been pursuing it in many styles ever since. She has danced at Bates Dance Festival, American Dance Festival and NC Governor’s School. If she’s not dancing, she’s doing chemistry, reading poetry, or laying in the grass with her friends! Sara is honored and excited to be a part of VRDT. She would like to thank her parents, Annie Dwyer and Maureen Mansfield Kaddar for all of their support and guidance!
Max Hershenow (’10) Max Hershenow is a junior Urban Studies major from McCall, Idaho. This is his second year dancing with VRDT and he is honored and excited to again be a part of Vassar’s unique and nurturing dance community. He is still amazed and inspired by his teachers and fellow dancers and loves, loves, LOVES VRDT. Mwah!
Marina Hitosugi-Levesque (’09) Marina Hitosugi-Levesque is a senior biochemistry major. She was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. She started "creative dance" at the tender age of 4 with Betty Jones and went on to dance numerous eccentric ballets (Frankenstein, Scrooge!, The Hawaiian Nutcracker, and the Tom Waits-inspired piece – Scum) with Honolulu Dance Theatre. She pursued acting at Punahou (Obama’s high school!) before coming to Vassar. In 2006, she danced in Kathy Wildberger’s brainchild, Treaty. This is her third and precious last year in VRDT. She sends out many thanks to all her teachers, mentors, fellow movers, and friends.
Michaela Kleber (’11) Michaela Kleber is a sophmore from Massachusetts majoring in English and History. She began her dance career at the age of three, when she peed on the stage during her first recital. She received her training at Northern Ballet Theatre and coninued dancing with the Phillips Exeter Dance Company. She would like to thank her family, Exeter’s Dance Co., and FlyPeople for just generally being stellar.
Nicole Krenitsky (’11) Nicole is a sophomore from Syracuse, New York who began dancing at the age of three and just can’t seem to stop. In the real world, she is a Science, Technology and Society major with an Italian correlate. Nicole would like to thank all of the choreographers for this wonderful opportunity, her family and friends for their ongoing support, and her fellow VRDT-ers for their inspiration.
Caitlyn Lamdin (’11) Caitlyn Lamdin is a sophomore from Barre, VT, studying Political Science and Religion. She is very grateful to be dancing and choreographing in VRDT (as well as in FlyPeople, Vassar’s student-run dance group) this year. She sends her love to CD&FS and her family and friends who never stop supporting her insanely over committed schedule.
Tobi Lawson (‘10) Tobi is a junior from Jamaica majoring in biochemistry. She has been studying ballet, tap and modern dance since the age of five. This is her second year in VRDT and she would like to thank her family, friends and talented choreographers.
Cameron Lussier (’09) Cameron is a senior anthropology major from Western Massachusetts (different from Eastern MA). He enjoys ice cream, the rain and this tent, and singing off key joyful joyfully. This is his fourth and final year in VRDT.
Mickey Mahar (’12) Mickey Mahar is from the sunny, sandy beaches of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He started Irish dancing when he was seven years old and began "actual" dance when he was a freshman at Milwaukee High School of the Arts. Mickey would like to thank all of his teachers, choreographers and fellow VRDTers for making his first year in VRDT such a great experience and for providing him with the opportunity to speak about himself in the third-person.
Brittany Ouyang (‘11) Brittany is a sophomore looking to major in psychology and French. A native of San Francisco, California, she received her training at the San Francisco Ballet School beginning at age 7. This is her second year in VRDT and she would like to thank the dance faculty and choreographers for giving her the opportunity to continue doing what she loves.
Danielle Patterson (’09) Danielle is a senior psychology major who plans to go on to Medical school after Vassar. She has been dancing since the age of 4 and enjoys ballet, modern, jazz, flamenco and hip hop. Danielle would like to thank all of her teachers, family and friends for supporting her and her fellow dancers for making VRDT so great!
Elise Presser (’12) Elise is a freshman from Missouri. She has been dancing since she was five and has been a competitive gymnast for 16 years. She is excited for the opportunity to spend more time dancing and cannot wait to explore different aspects of dance as well as get to know all the wonderful people in VRDT. Elise would like to thank all her teachers for everything they have provided.

Greg Shapiro (’12) Greg Shapiro, a freshman from Cranford, New Jersey, is excited to be a part of VRDT. His has been dancing for 4 years, studying Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theater. When he isn’t doing kick-turn combinations, Greg enjoys songwriting and reality television. He would like to thank all of the VRDT choreographers and directors for giving him this wonderful opportunity.

Marion Spencer (’09) Marion is a (gasp) senior this year, and so happy to be dancing with VRDT for her fourth year with the company. She loves dark chocolate, Leah’s granola, Joey’s massages, Becca’s fast talking, Robin’s petting, Cam’s silliness, and when Daniel plays the Wizard of Oz in company warmup. She would like to thank her family, friends, and the women of wow for their cariño, and B2/3 for making her laugh and smile constantly. She would also like to thank VRDT for being the best 34 person family in the world, and her wonderful choreographers: Jill and Take, Maureen, Miriam, Leah, Robin, Cam, Max, and Becca. Love to Kathy, couldn’t have made it four years without you.
Alexandra Spyropoulos (’11) Hii! I’m a sophomore from Charleston, SC. I began dancing in a creative movement preschool—probably the peak of my modern improvisational skills. I have enjoyed performing in many of Charleston Ballet Theatre’s productions. I performed as a soloist at the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in Concerto Barocco, Flower Festival Pas de Deux, and Pas De Quartre. Last year I loved dancing the second pas de deux from Miriam Mahdaviani’s La Correlazione with the lovely Naquan Earp.
Amanda Sugino (’11) Amanda is a sophomore from New York City planning on a Psych major and Japanese minor. She’s been dancing since she was three years old and simply can’t imagine a life without dance. This is Amanda’s second year of VRDT, and she would like to thank all of the dance faculty for providing her with incredible challenges and endless dancing opportunities. She would also like to thank the other members of the company for helping to make this another fabulous year.
Isabel Vondermuhll (’10) Isabel is a junior from New York City, majoring in Art History with a French correlate. At age 9 she joined the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. In the 10 years she performed with New York City Ballet, she danced such roles as Marie in George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, the original principal in Christopher Wheeldon’s Scènes de Ballet, principal in Peter Martins’ Harmonielehre, principal in George Balanchine’s Serenade, and principal in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony. She has also danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and Royal Ballet.
Leah Wilks (’09) Leah is a senior environmental studies major originally from North Cackalacky. When not busy rehearsing or attempting to catch up on her reading she likes to play ultimate frisbee, make granola, play guitar, and cover her body in paint and roll around on large pieces of canvas.
Stephen Xue (’11) Stephen is currently a sophomore and a prospective Philosophy major. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, but moved to Shanghai when he was three. This is his first year in VRDT.