2006-2007: Bardavon 2007

Also from 2006-2007:

25th Annual Gala at the Bardavon


Choreography: after Marius Petipa

Staged by: Jeanne Periolat Czula

Costume Enhancement:  Richard W. Prouse

The Sleeping Beauty,  Act III  (1890)
Music:  Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Princess Florine:  Caitlin Teres

Raymonda, Act III (1898)
Music:  Alexander Glazounov
Raymonda:   Miriam Greenstein (Sun. 3/4)

Don Quixote, Act III (1869)
Music:  Leon (Ludwig) Minkus
Basilio:  Devon Wambold
Kitri:  Sophie Alpern

Swan Lake, Act I (1895)
Coda from the Pas de Trois
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Special thanks for Princess Florine’s Tutu to Anthony Mannara ’80, given in honor of his classmate David Braun ’80 and in memory of his  sister Lydia Mannara ’74. Special thanks to an anonymous alumna donor for other major contributions to the costuming for Petipa Variations.


Choreography:  Martha Leonard
Composer:  Albeniz
Guitarist:  Richard Pinero
Dancers:  Ariel Braverman, Kaitlin Butler, Suzanne Gerdes, Liza Hoffman, Lindsay Kozlowski, Marion Spencer, Leah Wilks


Choreography:   Cameron Lussier
Music: Afro Celt Sound System
Dancers:  Kaitlin Butler, Ariel Braverman, Danna Colon, Naquan Earp, Miriam Greenstein, Martha Leonard, Daniel Ming, David Rodriguez, Marion Spencer, Devon Wambold


Premiered in full – Martel Theater, May 2006,
Presented by the Experimental Theater of Vassar College

Choreography: Kathy Wildberger
Music: Scott Killian
Film:  Jacob Moses
Set:  Paul O’Connor
Costumes: Holly Hummel, Arden Kirkland

Headmasters:  Dwayne Brown, Liza Hoffman (Sun. 3/4), David Rodriguez (Sat. 3/3)

Boarding School Children:  Danna Colon, Suzanne Gerdes, Emily Giovine, Christina Guhl, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque,
Lindsay Kozlowski, Cameron Lussier, Daniel Ming, Rebecca Rozin, Marion Spencer

Kill the Indian, save the man”    Nineteenth and twentieth century United States and Canada brought a forced and coerced removal of thousands
of Native American children to Residential, Industrial, and Boarding Schools systems in order to civilize the Indian.


Choreography: Maya Lau
Music: Diplo
Dancers: Sophie Alpern, Kaitlin Butler, Danna Colon, Naquan Earp, Lisa Field, Suzanne Gerdes, Liza Hoffman


Choreography:  Liza Hoffman
Music: Madeleine Peyroux
Dancers:  Miriam Greenstein and Devon Wambold


(Premiere, Inner City Repertory Dance Company, 1972)

Choreography:  Donald McKayle
Assistant to Mr. McKayle:  Amy Sennett
Rehearsal Director:  Kathy Wildberger
Costume Design:  Melanie Watnick

I’m On My Way
Music: Traditional
Arranged by: Phil Moore Jr.
Dancers:  March 3rd – Maya Lau, Martha Leonard, Danielle Patterson
March 4th – Robin Cherof, Suzanne Gerdes, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque


Music:  John Williams
Choreography:   Jeanne Periolat Czula
Costume Design:  Eddie Walker III ‘91

Part I:  Her Daydream
Caitlin Teres (Sat. 3/3), Miriam Greenstein (Sun. 3/4)  and Dwayne Brown


Choreography:   Leah Wilks
Music: Aleksandra Vrebalov (as recorded by Kronos Quartet)
Dancers: Robin Cherof, Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Danielle Patterson, Marion Spencer, Leah Wilks


Choreography:   Steve Rooks
Costume Design:  Kathy Wildberger

ANGELS (2006)

Music:  Afro Celt System
“…how you fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn…”
Dancer:  David Rodriguez

Jacob’s Ladder
Music:  Phillip Glass
“…a stairway…with its top reaching to heaven…and the angels of God were ascending on it…”
Dancers:  Sophie Alpern, Lisa Field (Sun. 3/4), Liza Hoffman, Maya Lau (Sat. 3/3), Cameron Lussier (Sun. 3/4),
Isabel Vondermuhll, Devon Wambold (Sat. 3/3), Leah Wilks

TARIFA (2001)
Ramo Verde
Music: Radio Tarifa
Dancer:  Lisa Field (Sat. 3/3), Maya Lau (Sun. 3/4)

GRITS (2006)
Music: Grits
Dancers:   Danielle Patterson with Rebecca Ain (3/4), Kaitlin Butler (3/4), Robin Cherof, Naquan Earp (3/4),
Kaitlyn Hipple (3/3), Liza Hoffman, Ivana Milic-Strkalj (3/4), Adin Nelson, Jackson Reeves (3/3), Caitlin Teres (3/3),
Devon Wambold, Leah Wilks, Roxanne Zucherman (3/3)


Choreography:  Kaitlin Butler
Composer: John Powell
Dancers: Kaitlin Butler, Christina Guhl, Maya Lau, Cameron Lussier,  Danielle Patterson, Leah Wilk


Choreography:  Dwayne Brown
Music: Silent Shout (as recorded by The Knife)
Dancers: Robin Cherof, Danna Colon, Lisa Field, Suzanne Gerdes, Christina Guhl, Maya Lau, Danielle Patterson


Choreography:  Elizabeth Frankel ‘84
Music:  Paris Combo
Dancers:  Dwayne Brown, Lisa Field, Miriam Greenstein, Martha Leonard, David Rodriguez


Choreography:  Abby Saxon and Martha Tobias

Janitors:  Naquan Earp, Adin Nelson, Jackson Reeves

Heard it through the Grapevine:
Music:  Marvin Gaye
Dancers:  Rebecca Ain, Ariel Braverman, Robin Cherof, Miriam Greenstein, Christina Guhl, Kaitlyn Hipple,
Marina Hitosugi-Levesque, Liza Hoffman, Maya Lau, Martha Leonard, Ivana Milic-Strkalj,
Rebecca Rozin, Caitlin Teres, Leah Wilks, Roxanne Zuckerman
Heat Wave
Music:  Linda Ronstadt
Dancers:  Dwayne Brown, Kaitlin Butler, Danna Colon, Lisa Field, Suzanne Gerdes, Cameron Lussier,
Danielle Patterson, David Rodriguez, Marion Spencer, Devon Wambold
Music:  Aretha Franklin
Dancers:  The Company