Choaib's and Abdul's writing project

I want to be a state trooper when I grow up. I have to be fit so I can accomplish the physical test. I have to get grades so I can be a state trooper. If I could not accomplish my dream job my second job I want to be a garbage man. A garbage man makes a lot of money. Another example is that it’s an easy job to do. The average salary is 40,000 dollars a year.

-Choaib Hadine

When I grow up I want to have a good job. Some things I have to do to achieve that are do good in school, do all my work, pay attention, and go to college. That’s what I want to do when I grow up and that’s what I have to do to achieve it. Something else I can do is a garbage man because he makes a lot of money- it really doesn’t matter it’s not like you’re jumping in the garbage. That is one thing I want to do when I grow up. If you are a garbage man you have to wake up early but it’s also fun because you get to get on the truck and drive around Poughkeepsie or wherever you do garbage at.

-Abdul El Addioui

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