Mentor Profile: Brittany Tompkins

VAST 4.15.15

Year: 2017

Major(s)/Minor(s): Physics & Astronomy (with secondary education certification in Physics)

Extracurricular Activities: UNICEF, Hunger Action

About Brittany: Brittany has worked with VAST for four whole semesters now (Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015). Last year, she worked with some fantastic eighth grade scholars, and ran a science/circuitry activity on Fridays in collaboration with IBM. This year, she has taken on the role of VAST Intern. She has really enjoyed getting to know all of the PMS scholars and Vassar mentors in the program this year, and especially loves working with Phoebe, who is an actual goddess of after school programming. She continues to be amazed by the dedicated, hilarious, intelligent, diverse, friendly, incredible group of people that makes up VAST.

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