Resources for Student Writers and Bloggers:

All about Blogging


Check out The Learning Networkfrom the New York Times, and join a community of students who are reading, thinking, and writing about the news.  Learn about current events, debate issues that matter to you, study powerful photographs, enter contests and engage with other students across the country (must be 13 years or older to comment online, but kids of all ages can read and discuss).


Done with homework? Check out these educational games:


Nobel Prize Games for Students


Write Haikus

Geography Games

Online resources for Math problems and worksheets:


Skills-Wise Math

Visual Fractions


More Educational Resources and Ideas for Vassar Tutors and Fellows:

•        Lesson Plan Ideas –

This website provides free lesson plans in the following academic areas: Math, Social Studies, Art, Language Arts, Music, PE, Reading, Writing, Geography, Science projects, and Science lesson plans

•       Classroom Activity Ideas –  This website is a great resource for classroom leaders.  It contains lots of different ideas, techniques, and strategies for effective teaching.

•       The Bonner Foundation – – “The Bonner Foundation provides support and guidance for organizations that seek to engage communities in efforts promoting education.”  This website contains different mentoring handbooks and strategies.



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