VAST Activities: Reflections on Photo-Voice

Here, five underclassmen reflect on Photo-Voice, continuing our series on this exciting VAST activity!

  1. Abby Tripler ’15:“Photo-Voice is an enriching experience for both the mentors and the scholars. Through the program I have really enjoyed getting to know the scholars and seeing things from their perspective through their photographs. It is always rewarding when they get excited about discovering new things and trying different activities. This week I enjoyed working with them one on one reviewing their photos and hearing their opinions.”

    A scholar proudly displays his photographs

  2. Lily Sun ’15:“Not only do the scholars learn how to take pictures, I also learn while I teach it. When I see them pondering about the basic concepts of the photography, at the same time I ask myself why I take photos and why I love it so much. The scholars usually inspire me to simply take pictures for fun and enjoy it. And the photos will eventually say more than words.”

    Here, Lily discusses the scholars’ work with them

  3. Emily Whicheloe ’14:“My experience with Photo-Voice has been very positive.  Each week I’m really impressed with the scholars’ creativity and ability to grasp photographic concepts.  The day we had the scholars take portraits of each other was really great because even the boys who normally sit in the back got really involved by posing in feather boas and funny hats.  Keyshon took a really funny portrait of Christian using the fake bow-and-arrow to shoot the globe.  The scholars are all really inventive and I love watching their methods and thought processes when they’re taking photos.”

    Yet another example of the scholars’ creative styles!

  4. Alden Rose ’14:”I think photography is a powerful way to see and remember your world. I love teaching the scholars at Poughkeepsie Middle School how to use cameras. They have so much fun and I really enjoy sharing something that I am passionate about.”

    Alden, Lily and Abby help scholars choose photographs

  5. Molly Kaplan ’14:“It is always so great when scholars bring in photos to share. Whether a dunking shot from the NBA, a National Geographic nature shot, a baby picture from home, or a shot taken with a cell phone, all of the scholars gather around to admire and find the compositional elements we’ve been studying. I love hearing about what they find interesting in each image and am so happy that they enjoy applying what we learn to pictures they take and find in life.”

    The scholars express their appreciation for Photo-voice!


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