VAST Appreciations

Before Thanksgiving break, VAST took some time to think about how we can thank each other and ourselves for all the hard work we have done. Scholars and mentors traced their hands and wrote a “THANK YOU” message to put on the poster below. They could choose to either thank someone else in the program for work they have done, or thank themselves for something they’ve accomplished that they are proud of. Check out the picture of everyone’s thank you notes and read the highlights below.


Appreciation Poster


“Dear Anna, I’m so happy I’m in VAST, especially since you’re my mentor. -Vanessa”

“Dear Vanessa, Thank you for always coming into VAST with a smile. Your positivity always brightens my days. <3, Anna”

“Chiara- Thank you for making me laugh, having fun, and still getting your work done! You are a great scholar and an amazing artist! -Caroline”

“Thank you Ny’kia and all of Room 116 for your hard work and positive attitudes at VAST! I’ve had a lot of fun working with you!! -Ruthie”

“I am thankful for the fun things and the help from my mentor and all of the fun in VAST. It was the Best. – Victoria R.”

“For Hannah: I love having you as a mentor. <3 From, Summer”

“I am thankful that my scholar is so hard-working and cool (like a boss).”

“Abdul is thankful for Calais”

“I am thankful for my mentor helping me with my homework and the mentors spending the afternoon with us every week.”

“Dear Naz, I’ve really enjoyed working with you this year. You are a smart, driven, talented boy. I love the way you get your work done without being asked and how you always participate. I’m going to miss you! -Morgan”

“THANK YOU to all the scholars and mentors who come to VAST with a positive attitude. You inspire me to work hard to make VAST great. -Rachel”

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