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VAST Activities: Art with Spencer

Every Friday, Spencer does an art activity with scholars. The two most popular activities are painting and crayon art. Scholars can work with their mentors to create paintings, drawings, or other works of art to take home.

This Week’s Blog Ideas: Write an Editorial; Enter the NYT Found Poem Challenge

This week’s blog ideas are inspired by current events, and by The Learning Center, a New York Times blog.
1.  Write Your Own Editorial
Do you have an opinion about something?  An editorial is a short piece of writing that expresses an opinion, supported by facts, and uses clear, direct language to persuade.  Follow this link to […]

Abdullalif’s Day at VAST

I like VAST. It’s a nice program. It’s fun. We do homework and after we finish we get to do fun activities like playing Uno and playing with the bouncy ball they have. They also have a lot of snacks. Some things I do in VAST are I read books, do my homework, eat snacks […]

Interviewing Shamara

I asked my friend Shamara some interview questions. Here are her answers.
-Shamara lives in Poughkeepsie, New York.
– She loves the food in Poughkeepsie, New York.
-She hates the schools in Poughkeepsie,New York .
-She lives with her brother, cat, mom,  grandpa and grandma.
-Her middle is Ameena.
-Her middle name means he who defines truth and honesty. Her uncle […]

Interviewing Kayla

Kayla is from Plainfield Illinois. She came to visit Vassar because she liked the campus. She lives with both of her parents and her two sisters. She is the middle child. Her favorite book in middle school was the hunger games. Her middle name is Danielle.
Her role model is her mom. She was her first teacher. If she was […]

Interviewing Westin

Allays: Where are you from?
Westin: I’m from Connecticut
A: Where do you wish to go?
W: I wish to go to China
A: What do you like to do in your free time?
W: I like to run in my free time
A: If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
W: A cat because they do […]

Interviewing Aalliyah


Westin: If it was your birthday, what kind of dessert would you l want at your party?
Aallliyah: Cookies and cream ice cream cake.
W: What part of school do you like the best?
A: Gym, because I get to hang out with my friends. Right now  we are playing scatter dodgeball
W: What kind of  things do  you […]

Poughkeepsie Middle School and Vassar College working together!