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Victoria’s Day at VAST

I am Victoria and I go to VAST. It was fun and I like my mentor. I want to go to VAST every year. We went to Vassar for a trip. We came to Vassar for a science project.
By Victoria, 6th Grade

Vanessa’s Bedroom

My room is a violet blue. It shares a lot of family memories even before I was born. Here is one story.
Before I was born, and when my grandfather was alive, my father and him were in the part of the attic where my baby room was. My father lost his balance and he put […]

Vizyion’s Day at VAST

VAST is a program I like because it teaches how college will be like and it gives me strategies I can use in life. Our mentor are cool. They can relate to us and help us improve things we have difficultly in.
By Vizyion, 8th Grade

Using Cell Phones at School by Summer

We definitely should be able to use cellphones in school. I have a lot of reasons to support my answer. The reasons will be shown later on in this blog. I hope you agree with me after I support my argument.
We should be able to use our phones in case of an emergency. For example […]

“Dress for Success” by Ravain

Every Tuesday, I dress up in church clothes at middle school for Brother to Brother.  It prepares us to “dress for success”.  You have to be organized and dressed up to get a job.  You can’t come in like you are from the street.  You have to look neat.  Well to me, “dressing for success” […]

The Princess by Nykia

Once upon a time there was a princess named Gabi. She was very very nice. She went to a school three days a week and helped children with their home work. Gabi lived in a country called “pink’’. Many of her friends came with her to the school. Her friends names were Ruthie, Anna and […]

My Puppy by Treasure

I have a Pamapoo (half Pomeranian and half Poodle). It’s a boy and his name is Nemo. He is 1 year old. Nemo also has a twin named Fluffy. They both were born on August 8th, 2012. Half of the time they act like humans. For example, they sleep like humans (which is on their […]

Dragon Script by Jordan

I have been practicing writing in dragon script. Dragon script is not used as an oral language. It is only a written language. Nobody speaks it. It is just written. Me and my friend Zhamahd are practicing writing it. I did not make it up. It comes from Ancient Greece. But they no longer use […]

A Little Bit About Myself by Jayden

Hello my name is Jayden B. I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. I love to play football, basketball, and soccer. Those are my favorite sports. My favorite foods are burgers, fries, and pizza. And last but not least my favorite clothes are Polo, Hollister, and Abercrombie.

By Jayden, 6th Grade

Video Games by Jacob

The assassin’s creed hidden blade is a very versatile weapon. It has many purposes such as preforming assassinations. But it can also be used in open combat. The hidden blade is a gauntlet mounted retractable blade that comes out with a flick of the wrist. The assassin’s creed hidden blade is truly a must have […]

Middle School Changes by Elijah

Since I’ve come to the middle school I’ve grown to become more independent.
I am a more responsible and independent student. I arrive on time to all of my classes. In elementary school I didn’t have to change classes.
I  am a responsible student, because I do extra credit work without anybody telling me to do it. […]

Choaib’s Day at VAST

VAST is a nice program because you do your homework. I like mentors helping the students with their homework.  I like TV. l like the shows Barney and Dora. My third favorite is Go Diego Go. That’s what I like about  vvvvvaaaaaassssstttttt.
By Choaib, 6th Grade

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