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VAST Activities: Writer’s Workshop

We’re aiming to give kids the space to practice using writing as a way to express original ideas and opinions. In this process, we view structured and creative group discussion as a key technique to get ideas flowing. Our planned workshops target broad issues such as racism, sexism, gun violence and LGBTQ rights on a […]

VAST Activities: Social Justice

Social Justice aims to give Poughkeepsie Middle School students the tools to enact social change within their community. After an examination of some of the issues that are affecting PMS students (e.g. bullying, lack of activities for sixth graders, apathy for education), will we choose an issue and work towards social change through a combination […]

VAST Activities: Nature Adventures

The goal of Nature Adventures is to promote awareness and appreciation of the local environment and increase understanding of basic biological concepts. We hope that after participating in our program, students in VAST will be able to recognize biodiversity around them and in other parts of the world. In order to instill these concepts, we […]

VAST Activities: Fun in Spanish

In the Fun in Spanish activity we plan to promote diverse thoughts about our own culture by comparing it to the cultures found in Spanish-speaking countries. We will watch clips of Hispanic films and television, cook and eat native “comida,” and practice Spanish words and phrases in a relaxed environment. We plan to bring in […]

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