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I want to be a state trooper when I grow up. I have to be fit so I can accomplish the physical test. I have to get grades so I can be a state trooper. If I could not accomplish my dream job my second job I want to be a garbage man. A garbage man […]

VAST Activities: Art with Spencer

Every Friday, Spencer does an art activity with scholars. The two most popular activities are painting and crayon art. Scholars can work with their mentors to create paintings, drawings, or other works of art to take home.

Abdullalif’s Day at VAST

I like VAST. It’s a nice program. It’s fun. We do homework and after we finish we get to do fun activities like playing Uno and playing with the bouncy ball they have. They also have a lot of snacks. Some things I do in VAST are I read books, do my homework, eat snacks […]

Cafeteria Food by Mya Finch

Cafeteria food is really nasty. I don’t think that you should feed people that food .They need to step up their game . FOOD SHOULD BE GOOD FOR KIDS! We should have french fries,Better sandwiches,and better drinks. That’s why I think we should have better food in the cafeteria.
By Mya Finch, 6th grade

Cafeteria Food by Gianna Shaw

I hate cafeteria food when I am in school.  It’s just not good! It’s not good because the way it tastes is bad. When I get to VAST, it’s good because its better than the cafeteria food. But i bring money for extra snacks because I’m always hungry.  I think that PMS should get better […]

Choaib’s Day at VAST

Today my mentor wasn’t here, but I found two people who wanted to play Uno with me. I won two games. We had fun and laughed. I brought my science project, and everyone was giving me compliments. I had finished my homework at lunch, so I didn’t have to work on it.
– By Choaib Hadine, […]

VAST Activities: Vassar Women’s Soccer

On October 17th, VAST scholars and their parents were invited to attend a Vassar College Women’s Soccer game. VAST scholars were included in the pre-game huddle with the team, and ran the sidelines during the game as ball girls!
VAST thanks the Vassar Women’s Soccer and Basketball teams for this awesome invitation! We had a great afternoon!


VAST Activities: Squash and Volleyball

On 10/10/14, the VAST Scholars came to Kenyon Hall at Vassar College to play volleyball and squash. The scholars were split into two groups, with girls playing squash and boys playing volleyball. Thanks to the Vassar coaches and players of the squash and volleyball teams for teaching and playing with our scholars!

Last Day of VAST (Spring 2014)

Sadly, the last day of the VAST program occurred on May 5. The VAST school year ends early because May 5 is the last day of classes for our Vassar student mentors.
To celebrate our last day, we had an 8th grade graduation ceremony at Poughkeepsie Middle School. At the end of our last day, we […]

Vassar Spring Break (Spring 2014)

VAST is on break right now as the Vassar students are on their 2-week spring vacation. The program will start back up again on Monday, March 24.
Last Monday before our vacation started, our scholars finished their homework early and got to play basketball in the school gym for the last half hour of VAST. Check […]

VAST Activities: Spring Semester 2014

Every Friday at VAST, the scholars rotate to a new activity led by Vassar student mentors. Many of our activities continued from where we left off in the Fall semester, such as Debate, Art, Cooking, and Science. We have one new activity this semester: Improv! One of our mentors teaches fun acting and improvisation games […]

Victoria’s Day at VAST

I am Victoria and I go to VAST. It was fun and I like my mentor. I want to go to VAST every year. We went to Vassar for a trip. We came to Vassar for a science project.
By Victoria, 6th Grade

Poughkeepsie Middle School and Vassar College working together!