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Mentor Profile: Sarah Mawhinney

Year: 2018
Major(s)/Minor(s): International Studies and French
Extracurriculars: Women’s Rugby, VAST
About Sarah: Sarah has been a part of VAST for the past year and really enjoys working as a Head Mentor with the sixth graders. She loves working with and getting to know all of the PMS scholars as well as leading the cooking activity (pictured below) with NaJa […]

Mentor Profile: Mikayla Brennan-Burke

Year: 2017
Major(s)/Minor(s): History, Education (minor), (with secondary education certification in Social Studies)
Extracurriculars: Theatre, Main House Team, Adventuring in the great outdoors, and Spending quality time with her favorite 6th graders
About Mikayla: She’s worked at VAST as a Head Mentor for the 2014-2015 school year, as well as leading Art Appreciation workshops the previous year. As […]

Mentor Profile: NaJa Jackson

Year: 2018
Major(s)/Minor(s): English (with secondary education certification in English)
Extracurricular Activities: Office Assistant at Teahan and Constantino, LLP
About NaJa: NaJa has been a VAST mentor for two semesters now (Fall 2014, Spring 2015). She enjoys cooking with Sarah on Fridays, leading 6th grade card and trivia games, playing football with all the scholars, and working in the VAST office to help […]

Mentor Profile: Brittany Tompkins

Year: 2017
Major(s)/Minor(s): Physics & Astronomy (with secondary education certification in Physics)
Extracurricular Activities: UNICEF, Hunger Action
About Brittany: Brittany has worked with VAST for four whole semesters now (Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015). Last year, she worked with some fantastic eighth grade scholars, and ran a science/circuitry activity on Fridays in collaboration with IBM. […]

Mentor Profile: Jordy Schnarr

Year: 2018
Major(s)/Minor(s): Greek and Roman Studies
Extracurricular Activities: Expert Smoothie Maker at UpC Cafe
About Jordy: Jordy has been a VAST mentor for two semesters now (Fall 2014, Spring 2015). In her time with VAST, she has worked with many scholars and has adapted her tutoring style to meet the needs of each one. She hopes to use what […]

Mentor Profile: Tessa Rudnick

Year: 2018
Major(s)/Minor(s): Education and Women’s Studies
Extracurricular Activities: Theatre
About Tessa: Tessa has been a VAST mentor for two semesters now (Fall 2014, Spring 2015). She enjoys helping out with VAST activities (both on activity days and during the week) and working with her scholar, Shamara. Tessa and Shamara are a mentor-scholar dream team; even though Shamara is independent […]

Mentor Profile: Spencer Garcia

Year: 2018
Major(s)/Minor(s): Women’s Studies
Extracurricular Activities: Student Teacher at Holy Trinity School & QTPoC Resource Allocation Committee
About Spencer: Spencer has been a VAST mentor for two semesters now (Fall 2014, Spring 2015). They enjoy working at the art station on VAST activity days, playing card games with room 113, and cooking with NaJa and Sarah. They […]

VAST Activities: Art with Spencer

Every Friday, Spencer does an art activity with scholars. The two most popular activities are painting and crayon art. Scholars can work with their mentors to create paintings, drawings, or other works of art to take home.

VAST Activities: Squash and Volleyball

On 10/10/14, the VAST Scholars came to Kenyon Hall at Vassar College to play volleyball and squash. The scholars were split into two groups, with girls playing squash and boys playing volleyball. Thanks to the Vassar coaches and players of the squash and volleyball teams for teaching and playing with our scholars!

Last Day of VAST (Spring 2014)

Sadly, the last day of the VAST program occurred on May 5. The VAST school year ends early because May 5 is the last day of classes for our Vassar student mentors.
To celebrate our last day, we had an 8th grade graduation ceremony at Poughkeepsie Middle School. At the end of our last day, we […]

Vassar Spring Break (Spring 2014)

VAST is on break right now as the Vassar students are on their 2-week spring vacation. The program will start back up again on Monday, March 24.
Last Monday before our vacation started, our scholars finished their homework early and got to play basketball in the school gym for the last half hour of VAST. Check […]

VAST Activities: Spring Semester 2014

Every Friday at VAST, the scholars rotate to a new activity led by Vassar student mentors. Many of our activities continued from where we left off in the Fall semester, such as Debate, Art, Cooking, and Science. We have one new activity this semester: Improv! One of our mentors teaches fun acting and improvisation games […]

Poughkeepsie Middle School and Vassar College working together!