Transitions, Too Participants

Below is a list of faculty, administrators, and staff who have chosen to be a part of of the Transitions family. You can click on their names to read their stories.

Luis Inoa, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Residential Life,  Director of Transitions 

Diane Eshelman, Assistant Director of Transitions & Strategic Initiatives, House Advisor

Capria Berry, House Advisor & Coordinator of Transitions

Sharon N. A. Parkinson, Senior Analyst of Prospect Development and Research

Karen Getter, Academic Support & Learning Research Specialist

Jennifer Herrera, Lecturer in Chemistry

Darcie GiansanteSenior Associate Director of Reunion and Class Giving

Nancy Bisaha, Professor of History

Rachel Pereira, Director of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action; Title IX Coordinator

Latasha Smith, Therapist

Colette Cann, Associate Professor of Education

April Beisaw, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Erendira Rueda, Associate Professor of Sociology

Maria Hantzopoulos, Associate Professor of Education

Jannette Swanson, Assistant Director of Career Development

Tiara Crespino, Assistant Director of The Vassar Fund



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