Here are some words from our Transitions family…

“Transitions brought together some of the brightest, bravest, and most beautiful people in my class and allowed me to build a community with them. This is definitely not what I thought would happen, but I finished the [pre-orientation] program having made some of the best friends I could ever imagine. Transitions helped me build a network of people–faculty, professors, and friends–that will always have my back.”

“Being a part of Transitions is an important part of my life here at Vassar. The transition to college was significantly difficult for me, but I wasn’t alone and knowing that we all as a group were working together to try and make it easier is what really allowed me to succeed.”

“The Transitions Family is beyond wonderful, and the time spent getting to know a group of individuals with similar, yet different, backgrounds in comparison to me was very helpful to start the semester. Every single person, student and faculty alike, involved in the program deserve many thanks for being very kind and welcoming.”

“From the first night when we did the limpia pipas, we were challenged to engage with others in ways we normally wouldn’t do. It was about forming a close bond with people you just met but had a common uniting factor. I loved it.”

From Matriculation to Graduation