Transitions, Too Story – Darcie Giansante

I am a first generation college student and 2003 graduate of Scripps College.  My education meant everything to me and opened so many doors.  I had never been around such articulate, smart, driven and curious people people.  They actually loved to learn and the professors loved to teach—who knew these places existed?  Growing up, my public schooling was very much the opposite.  It was hard at first to be at such an prestigious place.  At times I felt like the only one who had to take additional courses and visit tutors just to get on equal footing with my peers academically.  I had to work on campus more than others which really gave me a different type of life on campus.  I felt like I could never relax and enjoy my college experience because I was always working or studying.  Still, a door was opened to another life and I am forever grateful.  I truly think about the world differently after my liberal arts experience.  It is worth every struggle along the way to truly learn how to think.