August 24, 2018


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Free Condom Order

Click here to order free condoms from a menu of safer sex supplies

CHOICE, a student-run organization whose mission is to facilitate the safer sex practices of students by speedily distributing free condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, lubricant, and other prophylactics through an anonymous ordering system. Recognizing that safer sex and sexual health education are integral to creating a sexually healthy and informed student body here at Vassar, we also distribute educational pamphlets about STIs, pregnancy, and contraception and we invite guest speakers annually to come to engage with our student body about these important matters.

Check out CHOICE’s Facebook page or Instagram (@choiceatvassar) for updates!


Birth Control

Click here to view information on Contraception from the CDC

Click here to access our compiled list of birth control resources and information for Vassar students:

Women’s Gynecological Services

Baldwin Sexual Health Services 

Alternative ways to get a birth control prescription

Getting birth control delivered directly to you

Plan B at Baldwin

Tips for Having Safe Sex

Click here to view tips from Planned Parenthood on having “Safe Sex”