September 25, 2018



Obtaining Prescription Medications at Baldwin
When seen at the Health Service and a prescription medication is needed, it can be obtained at the Health Service (if available) or it can be e-prescibed and filled at a local pharmacy. Prescriptions from a doctor outside of the Health Service can be filled at a local pharmacy or an appointment can be made with a medical staff member to obtain the medication (if available) at the Health Service. Please see our billing information. Directions to local pharmacies and other resources are also available.

If you have the student health insurance offered through the college:

  • You may obtain a prescription to fill at a local pharmacy. You will then pay a copay at the pharmacy. (Please see insurance information for specific limits on yearly maximum.) If the medication is available at the Health Service you may obtain it there and the amount (comparable to a copay) will be charged to your student account.

If you do not have the student health insurance offered through the college:

  • You may request this to be e-prescribed to a local pharmacy.
  • If we carry the medication at the health service – you may get the medication and the charge will be put onto your student account. You may request an itemized bill to submit to your insurance company.
Local Pharmacies
There are a variety of local pharmacy you can choose from. Here’s a list of some that are closer to campus:
  • Rite Aid at 238 Hooker Avenue (845-486-6166)
    • 0.4 miles from Vassar College
  • Rite Aid at 709 Main St. (845-471-1190)
    • 1.0 miles from Vassar College
  • Poughkeepsie Pharmacy at 724 Main St. (845-473-3784)
    • 1.0 miles from Vassar College
  • Stop & Shop Pharmacy at 59 Burnett Blvd (845-471-4526)
    • 1.6 miles from Vassar College
  • CVS Pharmacy at 722 Dutchess Turnpike (845-452-7117)
    • 1.8 miles from Vassar College
Delivery From RiteAid

Most Rite Aid stores offer prescription deliver and can deliver your prescriptions right to you at Vassar. The two closest Rite Aids are located at:

  • 238 Hooker Avenue, Poughkeepsie NY – 845-471-1190
  • 709 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY – 845-486-6166

Feel free to visit the Rite Aid website for more details and options like free live chats with pharmacists and transfer/refill options in their online pharmacy.

  • Bus routes: Poughkeepsie offers a free transit bus around town that stops in campus. The bus route can be found here.
  • ZipCar: a paid car service that allows you rent cars stationed on campus and pay by the hour (account membership required). Click here for more details or find ZipCar on the app store!
  • Saturday Shuttle to the Poughkeepsie Galleria: Vassar offers a weekly shuttle to the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall, where a pharmacy can be found and prescriptions can be sent for pick-up. The bus route and hourly schedule can be found here.