October 2, 2018

Baldwin & Metcalf Support


Metcalf offers a variety of group therapy options which have included options for LGBTQ individuals in the past, however, it is unclear if they are still available at this time.

Transition Related Services

Vassar College Counseling Services allows therapists on campus to write letters of support for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and surgery and will work with you to ensure the letter includes all information needed by your insurance company. They can also provide a list of local providers that can start HRT treatment. Call to schedule an appointment at 845-437-5700.

Baldwin: Gender-Affirming Care

Baldwin offers some gender-affirming healthcare services and refers students off campus for others. You can learn more by reading over the FAQ on their website.

Mary Lackey is the physician’s assistant at Baldwin trained specifically to cater to transgender individuals’ needs. You can request her by name when you call to schedule an appointment at 845-437-5800.