July 23, 2018

HIV/STI Testing

Confidential Testing

Baldwin Health Services offers confidential HIV and STI testing on site. If you have the student insurance plan, parents will not be notified that you have gotten tested. If you do not have the student insurance plan, there are other ways for you to obtain accessible and confidential testing without your parents being notified.

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On-Campus Resources

Baldwin Health Services (Inclusive STI testing)

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Testing for sexually transmitted infections and routine gynecology care can be done in our GYN Department (2nd floor) or regular Medical Clinic (1st floor). Please specify when you call for an appointment where you would like to be evaluated.

All STI tests are available to students at Vassar’s Health Service, including HIV testing. STI tests are of no cost to the student if they are on the health insurance available for Vassar College. If the student is 18 or over, their parent(s) will not be able to access your medical record and STI test results because of privacy laws.

For students not on the Vassar health plan, STI testing is still available to you at the Health Service. A bill will be sent to you directly from the lab, which you can then send to your Insurance Company. If you are uncomfortable with your parents receiving the bill for this service, let the health service provider know and you can direct where the bill should be sent.

Free Monthly Testing On-Campus

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Off-Campus Resources

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Hudson Valley Community Services

Planned Parenthood in Poughkeepsie

Dutchess County Department of Health