August 24, 2018

ALANA Center

“Student advocacy beginning in the 1960s led to many institutional changes, including the establishment of a cultural center. From humble but earnest beginnings as a renovated maintenance building in the 1970s eventually grew the Africana, Latin, Asian, and Native  American (or, ALANA) Cultural Center.” -Emily Jeffres

The ALANA Center was founded in 1993 and is located behind Powerhouse Theater and the Doubleday art studios. The success of the ALANA Center is primarily due to the efforts of ten student interns, an administrative assistant, and post-baccalaureate fellow. The goal of the center is to provide students of color support and resources that foster cultural, social, academic, and creative expression. ALANA offers opportunities for lectures, leadership development, intra-cultural and cross-cultural dialogues, and opportunities to engage with faculty and administrators across Vassar. Furthermore, this center offers a comfortable gathering space for ALANA-affiliated student organizations.


Students can meet with the director of the ALANA Center for academic, personal and general advising. Specifically, they work with students on educational, social, and cultural programming. The director also provides support to student organizations by directly working with the student leaders.

ALANA Center Staff:

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To learn more about the ALANA Center and its resources or talk about an advisement matter, students are encouraged to visit the administrative office located in the ALANA Center or call (845) 437-5954.

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Student Organizations

The ALANA Center houses the following student organizations:

ALANA Senior Council

African Students’ Union

Asian Students’ Alliance

Black Students’ Union

Caribbean Students’ Alliance

Chinese Students’ Community

Middle East/ North African Students’ Collective

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/l o de Astlan

Multi-Racial/ Biracial Students’ Alliance

Native American & Indigenous Students’ Alliance

Poder Latinx

South Asian Students Alliance

Southeast Asian Students’ Alliance

Vassar Muslim Student Union