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Physics professor at Vassar College. Interested in bio-optics, biophysics, optics, quantum optics, physics education.

Swimming Frequencies of Freely Swimming C. elegans

Most, if not all, studies of thrashing frequencies of swimming frequencies of C. elegans have been conducted using microscopic techniques. ¬† Microscopic techniques require microscopic life to remain in a focal plane within microns. ¬†Using microscopic techniques, the C. elegans … Continue reading

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Opto-Mechanical Shape Analysis

This publication was born out of Prof. Magnes’ opto-mechanical integration work (also published in the Journal of Applied Optics). This opto-mechanical scanning method can be a stand-alone shape recognition technique requiring minimal computational power. We can also invision this technique as a complimentary method to existing shape recognition technique taking advantage of an symmetry evaluation. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Vassar Applied Optics Laboratory Website!

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