Division I Leslie Scott Offutt  (’18)
Division II Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert (’18)
Division III David Esteban (’19)
Non-tenured Joshua deLeeuw (’18)
Ex Officio Katherine Hite
Chair Kathleen Susman (’19)

Twice a year, the Committee on Research awards funds for all phases of faculty research. The committee considers projects at an early stage of development, as well as those projects that are nearer completion. The committee encourages applications where initial funding holds promise for continuing funding from external granting agencies as well as research that falls outside the purview of external funding agencies. In awarding research funds, the committee takes into account the likelihood of the project resulting in a finished product: the publication of a scholarly article or book, or the successful completion of a work of art, the mounting of an art exhibition or a dramatic production.

The following Vassar College endowments, dedicated to supporting faculty research, generate the funds that are awarded annually:

The Emily Abbey Research Foundation Fund
The Phebe H. Beadle Science Fund
The Gabrielle Snyder Beck Fund
The Elinor N. Brink Fund
The Louise Boyd Dale Memorial Fund
The Emily Delafield Floyd Fund
The Jane R. Heimerdinger Fund
The Suzanne Schreier Heimerdinger Fund
The Lucy Maynard Salmon Research Fund
The Susan Jane Turner Fund

All faculty members, whether tenured, on tenure-track, on more limited contracts, or emeriti, are eligible to apply. Support for summer research is only available to faculty continuing in the fall. When funds are limited and it is not possible to fund all eligible projects, the Committee will give priority to applications from those who are tenured or on tenure-track, and to those who have not recently received support from this committee or other sources.

Applications for the Spring 2018 cycle are due by 5 pm, Friday, March 30, 2018. Email attached proposals to researchcommittee@vassar.edu.

If you have any questions about eligibility or the application process, please consult the Chair, Kathleen Susman, (kasusman@vassar.edu) or the Director of Grants Administration, Amanda Thornton, (amthornton@vassar.edu).

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Research Committee Multi-year Pilot announcement

Research Committee Spring 2018 Application multi-year pilot