Onomasticon of Classical Pseudonyms and Avatars

(Last update: November 30th, 2018)

This page contains a list of names and images taken from Greco-Roman antiquity that are used by those who espouse hateful politics. We announced this project on November 30th, 2018 and will add to it periodically: if you only want to see new additions these are available under the site tag “Pseudonyms and Avatars.”

The Onomasticon primarily includes those who produce their own content, but we have listed some who comment on articles on hate sites using classically-inspired pseudonyms and images at the bottom of this page.

We have linked below to archived versions of hate sites in order to avoid generating traffic to those sites.

Boethius is a contributor to StoicSchool.org, a racist, neo-stoic site that Pharos has documented. In one of his articles he writes that “Modern Western feminism is a calculated effort to destroy Western civilization” and argues that men trained in “Virtue” will be able to resist feminists who exercise their “power over men” to “degrade men’s psyches.” The ancient Boethius was a Roman senator and philosopher of the 6th century CE. Boethius was imprisoned and executed on charges of conspiracy against the emperor; this author may be attracted to this name because he believes his worldview is similarly persecuted. It is a strange choice for a misogynist, however, since Boethius’ most famous work, the Consolation of Philosophy, describes how Philosophy itself, in the form of a woman “whose eyes shone as with fire and in power of insight surpassed the eyes of men,” visited Boethius in prison and instructed him in how to endure his misfortune.

Carnifex was the name on social media of Scott Paul Beierle, who killed Maura Binkley and Nancy Van Vessem and wounded five others before killing himself in a yoga studio in Tallahassee, FL in November 2018. “Carnifex” is the Latin word for “executioner.” Beierle had made a series of misogynist, racist, and xenophobic videos that he posted online under the name “Scott Carnifex.” In one of these he called mass murderer Elliot Rodger a “hero.” His choice of pseudonym seems based on a vision of ancient Rome as a place of violence and patriarchy.

Cato the Elder is a contributor to StoicSchool.org, a racist, neo-stoic site that Pharos has documented. His articles praise European nationalists like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, paint all Muslims as terrorists, and argue that America is “an experiment on how cultural diversity compares with Plato’s Republic” that “needs some adjustment.” The ancient Cato the Elder is known as a staunch conservative and in particular as a critic of the introduction of non-Roman elements into Roman culture, and is thus an apt choice for this writer. The ancient Cato is also famous for ending all his speeches following the Second Punic War by saying “Carthage must be destroyed,” no matter what the subject of the speech. The StoicSchool.org contributor imitates this as well, ending each article with “ISIS/Sharia/Marxism must be destroyed.”

Hadrian is a contributor to the racist website IdentityDixie (founded by Musonius Rufus, see below). He argues that any southerners who “accepts the modern guilt narratives regarding racism” is a “cuckfederate” and needs to realize, in Hadrian’s words, that “after being conquered, your nation was brutally exploited by … the progressives … first they freed the negroes, then gave them the vote, and then nearly a century later forced Southern children to integrate with them at bayonet point.” Another article describes “Urbanites” as “disabled, mentally retarded, transgendered, multi-racial, angst-ridden teenager[s].” The ancient Hadrian was a Roman emperor of the 2nd century CE. He is often invoked by xenophobes who admire the wall he had built across Britain which, according to some but not all sources, was intended to keep “barbarians” out of Roman territory.

Lysander is the online pseudonym of Nathan Larson, a former congressional candidate from Charlottesville, VA. Larson used this name on sites he founded that “served as gathering places for pedophiles and violence-minded misogynists.” In addition to advocating for the rights of pedophiles and rapists, he has called Hitler a “white supremacist hero.” The ancient Lysander was a Spartan admiral who won the Peloponnesian War. Many on the far right admire Sparta but they usually suppress or ignore the homoerotic elements of its military culture. Larson, by contrast, may have chosen Lysander in order to claim an ancient precedent for his pedophilia: Lysander had a pederastic relationship with the future Spartan king Agesilaus.

Musonius Rufus is the founder of the site IdentityDixie.com — a site for “Southerners … who dare to resist their own genocide” — and the host of the podcast “Rebel Yell: A Southern Nationalist podcast of the Alt-Right.” Guests on the show have included Jason Kessler, the organizer of the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, and Augustus Sol Invictus, whose website and choice of name (it’s not a pseudonym) Pharos has documented. The ancient Musonius Rufus was a Roman Stoic philosopher. The host of Rebel Yell’s choice of name may reflect the popularity of Stoicism among hate groups (also documented by Pharos) but it is nevertheless an odd choice for a white supremacist, since Musonius Rufus wrote treatises with titles arguing “That women also should do philosophy” and “That boys and girls should get the same education.”

Quintilian is a contributor to the neo-Nazi site Counter-Currents.org, which Pharos has documented. He is the author of several series on the site, including “Masterpieces of Aryan Thought” and “Masterpieces of Aryan Literature,” and many articles, including one called “The Future is White,” which argues that “negros and mestizos need whites to survive” but “whites, on the other hand, do not need negros and mestizos,” and that “black lives don’t really matter that much. It is the white race that is the indispensable race.” The ancient Quintilian was a rhetorician and teacher of rhetoric under the Flavian emperors. His treatise The Orator’s Education is a research interest of Pharos director Curtis Dozier. By using this pseudonym the Counter-Currents author may wish to paint himself as a master of persuasive argumentation.

Benjamin’s “Sargon” Avatar on YouTube

Sargon of Akkad is the pseudonym of Carl Benjamin, a professional YouTuber whose videos include “It’s Okay to be a Nationalist,” an interview with white nationalist Steve Bannon, and a two hour long biography of the ancient Greek general Pyrrhus of Epirus. His videos “criticize feminism and identity politics,” “Islam, Black Lives Matter, and the overall notion of straight white male privilege,” and the feminist “Recl@im the Internet” movement. He accuses progressives of “racism and advocacy against whites” and on social media has made light of rape. Offline, he has engaged in the harassment of women in the videogame industry. The ancient Sargon of Akkad was the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire of the 24th and 23rd centuries BCE.


Commenters who use classically-inspired pseudonyms and images

Epaminondas commented on a review that Pharos documented of a homophobic book arguing that “homosexuality” in Ancient Greece is “a myth.” “Epaminondas” endorsed the book, saying that “I have extensively read the Greek classics and came to the same conclusion years ago” and that “[research on homoeroticism in ancient Greek culture] was bogus from the beginning and simply afforded homosexuals an excuse to indulge themselves.” The ancient Epaminondas was a Theban general who defeated Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra. This could be his real name, but real or assumed, it is an ironic one for a homophobic commenter: the Theban victory was in part secured by the “Sacred Band,” an elite unit of male lovers, and according to Plutarch, Epaminondas himself had erotic relationships with two young men.


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