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Blog uses Roman “Virility” to Advocate Sexual Assault. Was it Satire? Does it Matter?

Mitchell Langbert is a professor of business at Brooklyn College who maintains a personal blog focused primarily on conservative and libertarian politics. A week before Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court amid accusations of attempted rape and sexual assault, Langbert published a post arguing that “if someone did not commit sexual assault in high school, then he is not a member of the male sex” and that “having committed sexual assault in high school ought to be a prerequisite for all appointments, judicial and political.” Langbert went on to invoke classical antiquity as proof that sexual violence against women should be acceptable: Kavanaugh’s critics, he said, lack the “virility, a sense of decency, or the masculine judgment that has characterized the greatest civilizations,” among which Langbert listed “classical Athens” and “republican Rome.” Langbert’s post has been denounced by the Provost of Brooklyn College and by the faculty of the Brooklyn College Department of Classics. Read More→

Stoic Philosophy masking Hate is the website of an organization that promotes itself as “a civil society of people from all walks of life who share important values about the earth, social justice, and making a real difference in the world through people and science.” These values, they say, are derived from their adherence to ancient Stoic philosophy and the application of it in the modern world. It’s an appealing message, and one that may appear to put ancient Greco-Roman philosophy to good use, until you look a little deeper into the site and find that this lofty and progressive vision is meant to disguise and give intellectual credibility to a hateful and regressive message that has nothing to do with Stoicism.
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Study of ancient Greek and Latin promoted by Racists and Homophobes

Intellectual Takeout is a site that offers “to serve as a refuge for those who want to pursue truth, rediscover the wisdom and traditions of the past, discuss ideas calmly, and apply what’s been learned to their own lives.” A recent post advocates for an educational curriculum based on “those great works of the past which were produced by the classical culture” and suggests that learning Latin and Greek will both “make up for our mediocre educations” and will “be a key to the renewal of Western Civilization.” What’s not to like for those who value the study of Latin and Greek? A lot, in fact, when you look at some of the other material on the site. Read More→

Fall of Rome cited as parallel to contemporary “Barbarism” is a site that describes itself as “the ultimate boy’s club.” Its content is eclectic but includes a xenophobic series on “Civic Nationalism” and an article praising alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos as “a true free speech warrior.” The site has published a series of articles by John C. Wright, whose personal blog includes defenses of racist activist Tommy Robinson and complaints about the “disastrous effect” on society of “strong female characters in fiction.” One article in this series, entitled “Defining Civilization: Women and Children First”, makes a racist, misogynist, and homophobic argument that our world is sliding from “civilized life” into “the chaotic bloodshed, cruelty, and misery of barbarism.” The post cites the decline of the Roman empire as a historical example of a similar collapse to the one it claims is underway in the contemporary world.

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Misogynist argues that Rape of the Sabines established “Female Privilege”

Purple Motes is the personal blog of a contributor to the misogynist site A Voice for Men whose work Pharos has documented previously. Perversely subtitled “a journal of whimsy and hope,” Purple Motes frequently invokes Greco-Roman antiquity in support of its particular breed of misogyny: exposing the supposed anti-male bias of the contemporary world and all the ways women enjoy special privileges. For example, a post from 2016 entitled “Sabine Women win Pyrrhic peace for Roman men argues that the Rape of the Sabine Women was beneficial for the women involved and established the foundations of discrimination against men that “Men’s Rights Activists” claim persists into the present day. Read More→

Lucretia invoked to illustrate the desirability of being raped

“Feminists are Hysterical About Rape Because No Man Wants to Rape Them” is a recent headline on the misogynist site Return of Kings, whose appropriations of Greco-Roman antiquity Pharos and others have documented. The article mocks the #metoo movement, accuses women of “manufacturing stories about sexual assault and rape,” and celebrates the “days of Vikings, global conquests, and crusades, where raping and pillaging were common” because women raped in that period “fulfilled their biological imperative…to pass on the strongest genes possible to her offspring.” The article features Hans van Aachen’s painting of The Rape of Lucretia (pictured below) in order to support the claim that being raped is desirable and to perpetuate the myth that only attractive women are raped. Read More→

Macrobius said to reveal unspeakable “gynocentric reality”

A Voice for Men is a platform for the “men’s rights movement.” It has recently been added to the SPLC’s list of hate groups for its advocacy of “male supremacy” and their “vilification of women” that “makes them no different than other groups that demean entire populations, such as the LGBT community, Muslims or Jews.” They also post frequently about Greco-Roman antiquity: a post on A Voice for Men claims that Macrobius’ Saturnalia reveals the “gynocentric reality” of the fifth century CE, when this fictional account of the conversation at an elite dinner-party was composed. In Macrobius’ time, according to the post, there were greater “constraints on men’s behavior” than on women’s. Read More→

Scholars Respond to misogynist nostalgia for Roman Masculinity

Pharos documented a post on Return of Kings (now listed by the SPLC as a “male supremacy” hate group) that complained that “there are very few institutions left that teach the traditional manly character that built all of Western Civilization.” The post recommends that men emulate Roman virtus, which the post translates as “manly character,” and,  as a corrective to the “degradation of values” in the present, urges them to “adopt…the very way of life that ushered our civilization into the once-great civilization it has been in the past.” Read More→

Juvenal made to support modern homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny

Those Who Can See is a site that promotes “Human Biodiversity”/”HBD”, a euphemism used by racists for [pseudo]scientific racism. It also appropriates Greco-Roman antiquity in support of its racist, xenophobic, and misogynist agenda. A post that takes its title “O Tempora, O Mores” from Cicero’s first Catilinarian oration uses the Roman satirist Juvenal, the poet Martial, and the philosopher Seneca to portray several Obama-era progressive policies as evidence for America’s decline:  Read More→

Feminism blamed for fall of Rome

The blog Château Heartiste, which in a recent post on “How to Solve Feminism” argues that “The solution to feminism… is to Make Men Dominant Again” because “Weak men create a sexual polarity void which is filled with spiteful hags and bitter careerist shrikes who subconsciously resent their empowerment,” cites with approval a long Reddit post on how feminism was responsible for the fall of Rome and attempts to find parallels in American history. Read More→


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