Community Fellows, Summer 2020: City of Poughkeepsie Common Council


Community Fellows, 2020: City of Poughkeepsie Common Council



Address: 62 Civic Center Plaza, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Organization Description: The Common Council is the law-making body of the City of Poughkeepsie and is comprised of 9 members. 8 ward representatives and 1 member At-Large. Similar to Congress at the federal level, we are the City of Poughkeepsie’s legislative body. The Council is separate from the Mayor’s administration but an equal partner in how our City is run.

What we do:

Introduce and vote on legislation (proposed laws) having to do with all aspects of City of Poughkeepsie life.

Negotiate the City’s budget with the Mayor and approve its adoption.

Monitor City agencies and departments to make sure they’re effectively serving City of Poughkeepsie residents.

Project or Position Title: Common Council Legislative Intern

Project or Position Description: The Common Council Legislative Intern will fulfill a diversity of task from social media content creation, drafting press releases, helping research upcoming policy initiatives, data and information gathering, crafting council newsletters, and more depending on what lays before us legislatively. 

Summary of Fellow Duties: The Common Council Legislative Intern will fulfill a diversity of task from social media content creation, drafting press releases, helping research upcoming policy initiatives, data and information gathering, crafting council newsletters, and more depending on what lays before us legislatively. The fellow will report to the common council chair and other members as directed. 

Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: 

  • Public policy
  • Writing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social media skills
  • Ability to collect and analyze data for productive use and presentation

Proposed Work Schedule: Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm 

Summer 2020 Community Fellows: Rural and Migrant Ministry

Community Fellows 2020

Rural & Migrant Ministry




Address: 360 Noxon Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Organization Description: Rural & Migrant Ministry works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through: Nurturing leadership; Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers; and, Changing unjust systems and structures. RMM implements its Mission through the program areas of Youth Empowerment, Popular Education, and the Accompaniment of rural workers on legislative campaigns.


Below are details of the position proposed pre-COVID. R&MM  would love to work with creative interns to develop new projects.  Interested students are encouraged to pitch an idea for a project that could be conducted remotely.

(The description below is an example of the kinds of internships R&MM offers.)

Position Title: Youth Empowerment Programs Intern

Project or Position Description: The YEP intern will primarily work with the Youth Arts Group (YAG), and provide support to the Summer Leadership Institute that unites all three of RMM’s youth groups from across the state.

Members of YAG meet year‐round to explore issues of social justice that are important to their lives, and actualize their response in art. YAG is simultaneously about self-empowerment and community development for positive change. In late June, members celebrate their year and create new connections with justice organizations across the country with a multi-¬day educational trip. Prior trips have gone to cities such Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Boston, and Burlington. YAG members ae still debating destinations for 2020. The YAG intern is responsible for the bulk of the organizing for this 3-4 day trip, in addition to helping with transportation and as a role model during sessions.

The other large project is helping to prepare final details for the Summer Leadership Institute July 13th -16th, in which members of YAG as well as members from sister groups JOY (Justice Organization of Youth) and YEG (Youth Economic Group) will immerse themselves in workshops and experiences to grow their leadership skills. The Summer Leadership Institute curriculum is still under development as this is a new opportunity for members, but will include topics such as Popular Education, Advocacy, College Prep, and Art for Justice.

After the trip and institute, YAG members will continue to meet in smaller committees organized around the two social justice themes that YAG members chose for the year: The Cost of Living, and What Is Going Into Our Bodies (both topics are informed by systematic issues such as power and classism). Each committee has an art project under development that members have the opportunity to finish over the summer. The artistic portion will largely be guided by professional artists who will act as mentors. The intern will help organize the encounters between YAG members and their community partners in addition to the artistic sessions.

Summary of Fellow Duties: – Organizing the End of Year Trip: Investigating and booking meetings with social justice activists and artists, a college visit, and fun activities.

– Assisting the Summer Leadership Institute (tentatively July 13-15): Finalizing workshop leaders and the overall agenda, communicating with parents and students, helping with logistics before and during the Institute.

– Art project: Posing questions to the committees to help push forward their design ideas and execution, bringing members together, facilitating contact with professional artists.

– Throughout, the intern will play a crucial role in providing transportation using RMM’s van or car, since members are spread out and depend on rides. Van rides are also a fun time to connect personally with students.

Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project:

– Driver’s license

– A desire to work with young people for social change

– Proactive, independent, with good communication skills

– It is not a requirement to speak Spanish, however, an intern who does will be able to communicate directly with all parents. The group is multicultural and meetings are in English.

Proposed Work Schedule: Typical office hours are Tuesday-Friday from 10am-6pm, but portions of weeks are often not typical. For example, the intern will attend an overnight Intern Orientation June 1st-3rd with the other interns from all of our offices around the state. In addition, during the End of Year trip and Summer Leadership Institute the intern will be staying overnight for each of these 4-day immersions. The intern will have the opportunity to take breaks and rest during the trips, and will have the opportunity to shorten hours after the trips in order to make up for the time. 

 Any other additional requirements? 

The intern should expect at least once per week to work an evening or weekend to support the program. The hours will shift to allow for this change in time. RMM owns a passenger van that the summer interns will share. The intern must have a driver’s license and feel comfortable completing van training. No special license is required. 

 Have you hosted a Community Fellow in the past? If yes, briefly describe the work that Community Fellows have done with your organization in the past. 

Yes. Our most recent Community Fellow in 2016 marched for part of the 200-mile March for Farmworkers Justice from Long Island to Albany and created a short video documentary and photo library about the march and its cause. The majority of our previous Community Fellows dating back more than a decade have worked with the Youth Arts Group, or in the office preparing for programs such as the Rural Women’s Assembly and the Overnight Summer Camp. 

Summer 2020 Community Fellows – Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson


Community Fellows: Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson



Organization Description: Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is a grassroots organization based in the Hudson Valley of New York State. We are a multiracial, multigenerational organization of working people that fight around the issues that most deeply affect our community while challenging the systems of power at the root of these problems. The organization builds power for social justice through community organizing, voter engagement, and leadership development. Current campaigns the organization is working on include immigrant rights, healthcare for all, housing for all, climate justice, and voter engagement.

Project or Position Title: Summer 2020 Intern

Project or Position Description: Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson is a growing organization which requires a high level of flexibility of both its staff and interns. Our summer interns are expected to participate in all areas of our work from voter engagement to communications to fundraising. This presents an opportunity for people to get to know the ins and outs of a grassroots organization fighting for social change.

This summer will be a busy one as we prepare for our ambitious fundraising drive to raise $200k in one week, voter engagement ahead of the 2020 elections, and the development of our volunteer organizing. Interns will get to learn fundamental skills of organizing for change, participate in political development, and be a critical part of one of the fastest-growing organizations in the Hudson Valley.

Summary of Fellow Duties: 

Voter Engagement

  • Conducting street and door-to-door canvassing to register voters and encourage community participation in the 2020 elections.
  • Making phone calls and sending texts to increase voter turnout across the Hudson Valley.
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to assist with voter engagement tasks.

Volunteer Organizing

  • Planning and facilitating regular events, meetings, and trainings for volunteers and allies.
  • Building relationships with potential volunteers through one-to-one conversations.
  • Assisting organizers and base-building activities by filling volunteer roles, including childcare, transportation, etc.

Grassroots Fundraising

  • Participating in our Summer Fundraiser by asking personal networks to donate.
  • Making phone calls to thank donors for contributing to our Fundraiser Drive.
  • Assist with daily office tasks including data entry, preparing and mailing thank you letters.


  • Completing administrative and communications tasks as needed.
  • Contributing to research projects as needed.

Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project:

  • Commitment to social justice and Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson’s mission.
  • Willingness to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends.
  • High level of flexibility to work on a variety of tasks and drive to learn new skills.
  • Commitment to lean into discomfort and use challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Consistency in bringing a problem-solving orientation and creativity to shifting challenges and responsibilities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, willing to stop and talk to strangers and able to communicate ideas to different audiences..
  • Initiative to bring the high level of energy and attention to detail to all aspects of work.
  • Ability to work independently, as a part of a team, and/or with close supervision.
  • Having previously interned with the organization is a significant plus.

Proposed Work Schedule: The position will be 33.5 hours/week and will include a lunch break. The work schedule will be roughly noon-8pm most days. 

Any other additional requirements? A personal vehicle is a plus, but not required. A stipend for mileage reimbursement may be available for those who need it. Some weekend hours will be necessary.

 Have you hosted a Community Fellow in the past? If yes, briefly describe the work that Community Fellows have done with your organization in the past. 

Yes. Our most recent community fellow, in one summer, worked with us to conduct Know Your Rights workshops to advise local immigrants on how to interact with federal immigration authorities, organize several voter registration drives – training volunteers in how to register voters and registering over 500 people to vote, raise $192,000 for the organization, and persuaded several local businesses to offer discounts to people who obtain Municipal ID cards – which help immigrants and others who lack identification obtain driver’s licenses and health care. 

Community Fellows, Summer 2020, Macfarlan Group, Nashville, TN

Community Fellows, Summer 2020

The Macfarlan Group, Nashville, TN


Position title: Social Impact Ecosystem Nashville Style

Project Description: The purpose of the internships is to introduce students to the vibrant social impact ecosystem in Nashville, TN.  Students can choose to intern either at a non-profit or a social enterprise. These two tracks were created to capture two of the essential partners in the work of disrupting the status quo to make the world better.

  • The Nonprofit placement: Persist Nashville (
  • The Social Enterprise placement: Branded Collective ( ,  and  End Slavery  (

Students will be provided with a two-day orientation to acquaint them with Nashville and assisted with any settling-in necessary to make their stay comfortable and successful prior to the start of their official internship placement. The internships will be 9 weeks. Most work weeks will be Monday-Thursday. Friday will be held as a Discovery Day. On Discovery Day, The Macfarlan Group team will work with the students introducing them to other social impact organizations, community leaders, philanthropists, graduate schools focusing on social impact/nonprofit/social enterprise advanced degrees, and Nashville at large. Students require no previous experience for consideration into the program. Working collaboratively with the organization’s founders, staff, and participants to help deliver the mission. For Branded Collective, the student will help with some production of the jewelry line, contribute research skills, help with marketing and promotional needs, and other duties as assigned. For Persist Nashville, the student will work with rising freshmen in the Nashville area enrolled in the Persist Nashville intervention program, communicate with area stakeholders, assist in the strategy and creation of a marketing campaign, help develop a coaching plan for Persist Nashville participants, and other duties as assigned.

Summary of Duties:

Students require no previous experience for consideration into the program. Working collaboratively with the organization’s founders, staff, and participants to help deliver the mission. For Branded Collective, the student will help with some production of the jewelry line, contribute research skills, help with marketing and promotional needs, and other duties as assigned. For Persist Nashville, the student will work with rising freshmen in the Nashville area enrolled in the Persist Nashville intervention program, communicate with area stakeholders, assist in the strategy and creation of a marketing campaign, help develop a coaching plan for Persist Nashville participants, and other duties as assigned.

Skills required:

Students must be curious, self-starting, adept at critical analysis, enjoy good writing skills and the ability to communicate with a variety of constituencies and collaborative with skill in working in teams. Students must be able to relate with peers. Applicants must be proficient in Microsoft Excel. Proficiency with Google Suites is required for the Persist Nashville position.

Proposed work schedule:

Students will work from Monday through Thursday at their placements (the standard business hours) and then a half day of exploring on Friday with The Macfarlan Group team. max hours: 33.5/week.

Other requirements:

Transportation to and from the internship site and their lodging will be up to the student. There are some forms of public transportation in the Nashville area.

Tucker Eason – Artist Studio

Available for Summer 2020


Seeking a part-time studio assistant for a painter in Brooklyn, studios in BedStuy and Williamsburg. Ideal candidates are looking for a regular commitment.

Time Commitment

  • ●  Roughly 8 hours/ week.
  • ●  Flexible hours Working remotely available as well Job Requirements
  1. Must have experience with basic studio mediums and the techniques a. Oilb. Acrylic
    c. Collage
    d. Canvas stretching/priming
  2. Art handling, Photography, and Cataloguing, and/or willingness to learn.
  3. Creating and maintaining the archives and website
  4. Documentation and light Photoshopping of artwork images
  5. Basic graphic design – Knowledge of Adobe Suite. Specifically Ai and Ps
  6. Basic computer skills. G Suite, applying to shows/publications
  7. Facilitating communications with galleries and collectors
  8. Arranging, scheduling, and packing artwork shipments
  9. Studio/office organization (supply inventory) and cleaning

Please send a cover letter, resume, and applicable website or social links to

Community Fellows, Summer 2020: Barrett Art Center

Community Fellows, Summer 2020

Barrett Art Center


 Address: 55 Noxon St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

 Organization Description: Barrett Art Center’s mission is to foster and perpetuate an appreciation of the visual arts in the Hudson Valley region through exhibitions, education and preservation.

Project or Position Title: Community Programs Intern

 Project or Position Description: Our Community Programs intern will assist and then develop their own art workshops and events for the community, providing opportunities for local children and adults to come together and engage in the visual arts. This may be a weekly art class that is open to the public, an art lecture series, or free art tours in our galleries.

Summary of Fellow Duties: The intern would first shadow and assist us with ongoing workshops and events, but then write a proposal and implement their own workshops in mid-June and July. Students will learn how to write a strong proposal, how to utilize a small budget, and how to promote their own events through outreach initiatives in the community.

 Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: 

  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Interest in the visual arts
  • Comfortable working with art materials
  • Leadership experience.

Proposed Work Schedule: Tuesday-Saturday 10-4PM, with some special event hours that may differ.

 Any other additional requirements? Available to do 2-3 evening or weekend hours each month. Must complete background check if working in our children’s programs.

Community Fellows, Summer 2020: HRH Care Community Health


Community Fellows, Summer 2020.

Hudson River HealthCare Community Health



 Address: 29 N Hamilton St, Poughkeepsie,NY 12601

 Organization Description: HRHC Mission Statement: To increase access to comprehensive primary and preventive health care, and to improve the health status of our community, especially for the underserved and vulnerable.

We serve a diverse population of the Poughkeepsie community, providing primary care, Women’s health care and prenatal care, mental health services, diabetes education and support, to insured and uninsured people. We strive to provide healthcare services mindful of the various barriers to medical care and health, such as financial, language, cultural and  literacy factors, immigrant status and more.

Project or Position Title: Social Determinants of Health Project Lead

 Project or Position Description: Building on the foundation laid by HRHCare in recognizing the importance of Social Determinants of Health, the student will work with a team at The Partnership Health Center to focus attention on Food Insecurity, as both a cause and consequence of poor health. Specifically, here in the Poughkeepsie, 26.4% of households are food insecure. We would like to explore models for addressing food insecurity and to build stronger linkages and collaborative relationships with community resources.

 Summary of Fellow Duties: The student will work closely with the Health Center Director and Nurse Manager to research models addressing food insecurity, and in particular, connect with the Vassar Brothers Medical Center new, developing food clinic project. The student will explore possibilities for grants or other modes of support for a program based at The Partnership H.C., and explore ways of strengthening connections to existing food resources in the community. The hope is that the student will be able to help us make meaningful strides forward in addressing food insecurities for our patients.

 Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: Interest/ curiosity in the topic

 Proposed Work Schedule: Monday thru Friday 8 to 4, or 9 to 5

 Any other additional requirements? Transportation might be important.

 Hosted Community Fellow in  2019 who worked with the Prenatal program and Mothers’ Group Project.

Community Fellows, Summer 2020: Nubian Directions II, Inc.


Community Fellows, Summer 2020.

Nubian Directions II, Inc. (NDI)



 Address: 248 Main Street, Poughkeepsie NY 12601

 Organization Description: Nubian Directions II, Inc. (NDI) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit organization. NDI is well-known by government agencies and throughout the not-for-profit community in the Mid-Hudson region. NDI is centrally located at 248 Main Street (near Main & Market Streets/business district) in the City of Poughkeepsie. 

Our mission is to provide technology training, work readiness skills training, and educational support services for youth and adults to build skill sets that enhance their ability to enter, grow, and succeed in the local workforce in an ongoing effort to foster sustainable community development. 

Since October 2004, NDI has administered a YouthBuild/AmeriCorps program.  YouthBuild is a national model for workforce skills development authorized under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA).  The program serves 31 at-risk young people ages 16 to 24 yearly. Participants split their time between the classroom and the worksite, rehabbing affordable rental housing for low-income residents.


Project or Position Title: Community Fello

Project or Position Description: The NDI Community Fellow will work closely with the YouthBuild and AmeriCorps program directors by assisting them in program development and organizational capacity building.  

The Community Fellow who shows a strong degree of interest and commitment to non-profit management, vocational education, community service, and positive youth development may be given an increasing amount of responsibility, autonomy, and creativity in leading AmeriCorps community service events and YouthBuild projects.

There are a number of direct and intangible benefits  that the Community Fellow will appreciate, learn, and experience. Nubian Directions YouthBuild/AmeriCorps program is a highly structured, multi-tiered   learning environment. The Community Fellow will have close interactions with program participants, program managers, DCC Instructors, and NDI staff. 

NDI will work to continually strengthen the Community Fellow’s work experience  and knowledge base about of alternative educational programming and non-profit management,  

The fellow will have several opportunities to actively participate in various professional development workshops, webinars, and industry recognized certifications and trainings (OSHA-30, CPR/First Aide, Narcan, and Stop The Bleed).  By participating in these district sponsored workshops lead by specialists in the educational field, the Community Fellow will engage in small group discussions, exchange ideas, thoughts, offer personal opinions and programmatic recommendations. 

The Community Fellow will also be provided informal professional development opportunities through independent readings, light research, online discussions pre-and post-workshops, one-on-one conversation with the Executive Director of NDI.


Summary of Fellow Duties: 

The YouthBuild Director/AmeriCorps Coordinator will take into account the fellow’s ability, knowledge, and strengths. While this fellowship placement is intellectually, emotionally, and physically challenging, it is also a rich rewarding experience that may lead to future employment in the non-profit and youth services fields.  

The Community Fellow’s responsibilities will vary on a day-to-day basis because the YouthBuild/AmeriCorps programs’ summer needs may vary from the fall and spring program year.  The Community Fellow is expected to work collaboratively, collegially, and respectfully with DCC Instructors and program managers. The Community Fellow will:

  • Maintain a daily journal of work experiences, learned lessons/experiences that would be     reviewed with the YouthBuild Program Director on a weekly basis.
  • Review, update, and revise the NDI YouthBuild/AmeriCorps Student Handbook (policies and procedures). 
  • Meet regularly with the YouthBuild Program Director, YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinator, and the AmeriCorps Program Coordinator to understand the general program components/operations,  goals, objectives and performance measures
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation process of all AmeriCorps community service learning events 
  • Participate in YouthBuild Program Student Recruitment & Orientation sessions. 
  • Actively participate in all YouthBuild and AmeriCorps program related activities and community service learning events. 
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of the YouthBuild “Mental Toughness” activities.
  • Interview and meet with the President & Executive Director of Nubian Directions related to program development, fundraising, marketing, grants management, and administration.
  • Attend at least one NDI Board of Directors meeting to understand the complexities of operating a non-profit organization. 
  • Interview two NDI board members regarding the process for developing non-profit board policy
  • Provide assistance, input, and advice  to the YouthBuild Student Government 
  • Participate in all weekly YouthBuild program staff meetings. 

 Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: The Community Fellow should be at least 18 years old. Have a desire to work in a federally funded non-profit organization that focuses on positive youth development and training.  S/he should have excellent interpersonal and written communication skills; possess a working knowledge of Google Docs and Microsoft Word; good organizational and time-management skills; work at times independently, detail-oriented and enthusiastic; and have the ability to learn how to relate to staff and program participants in a courteous and professional manner. Ability to speak Spanish (bi-lingual) is preferred but not required. 

 Proposed Work Schedule: The Community Fellow is expected to work full time but not more than 33.5 hours per week (Monday-Friday), between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm. The work day will include a lunch break. Dress is business casual. The Community Fellow will be required to complete a criminal background check in order to work directly with program participants. 

A car is not required but will be useful for attending meetings and supporting students at construction worksite, and community service events. There is available parking in the downtown business district and public transportation is readily available.


Any other additional requirements? NDI YouthBuild program model includes: counseling/case management, career and college exploration, mentoring, community service, mediation (conflict resolution), anger management, HSE program, tutoring, life skills workshops, Narcan, Disaster Preparedness, green building and construction, and OSHA and First-Aid/CPR training. The YouthBuild program model enables program participants to develop their own  “pathway” to explore higher education, personal growth, and future employment opportunities. 

NDI is fully committed to supporting youth exhibiting at-risk behaviors and encouraging them to recognize and reach their full potential. All of NDI’s youth programs (SYEP, YouthBuild, AmeriCorps, and Mentoring) encourage youth to develop skills that promote a positive response to self, peers, and the community. NDI focuses on developing and fostering values such as integrity, self-honesty, responsibility, and hard work. We  promote and encourage changed attitudes and behaviors by providing challenging, accommodating programs and services in a variety of inviting settings. 

NDI is an official Dutchess Community College (DCC) site for the High School Equivalency (HSE). DCC is our education partner that provides instructors for the HSE and construction components of our YouthBuild program. All program participants that left school without a diploma will be required to enroll in the (HSE) preparation classes. Upon program completion, many program participants will leave the YouthBuild/AmeriCorps program with their HSE in hand and an industry-recognized credential/certificate. We provide a 12-month supportive services component for program graduates, which includes education/job placement, assistance with acquiring driver’s licensing, housing, financial literacy workshops, and more.


Community Fellows, Summer 2020: The Mediation Center of Dutchess County


Community Fellows, Summer 2020

The Mediation Center of Dutchess County (MCDC)  



Address: 205 South Ave Suite 200 Poughkeepsie NY 12601

Organization Description: MCDC’s mission is to provide and promote constructive conflict prevention, management, and resolution services to benefit individuals, organizations, and businesses in Dutchess County. MCDC supports people address conflict by expressing their needs, hearing the other’s point of view, and making decisions. The Center’s services are provided by a small energetic staff and certified volunteer mediators from the community. The Center is committed to making its services accessible to under-served populations and addressing emerging community needs. 

 Project or Position Title: Mediation Center Intern

Project or Position Description: MCDC’s internship program offers students an opportunity to learn about, observe, and participate in our community dispute resolution services, while assisting staff in important daily work.  Candidates who are interested in a wide variety of domains from legal and social services to political, psychological and communications work will find a valuable context for translating discipline-based theories into practice. While interns experience substantial exposure to mediation, the internship is not a mediator role. Interns play an integral role in carrying out the work of MCDC through a wide range of direct and indirect service assignments in each of our program areas including family, divorce, and community mediation, as well as our Restorative Justice Initiative. Internships are a collaborative effort, tailored to meet each intern’s needs and areas of interest while responding to current organizational needs. The intern will meet regularly with the Restorative Justice Specialist and other staff to assist with special projects and to ensure that their experience is rewarding and diverse.

 Summary of Fellow Duties: 

Daily responsibilities will depend on the individual’s background as well as the needs of MCDC and may include: 

– Mediation Services: shadowing staff & mediators and learning about Transformative Mediation theory.

– Case Development:  supporting staff throughout the lifecycle of a mediation case.

– Restorative Justice Support:  assisting Restorative Justice team in the implementation and development of the Restorative Justice Initiative. 

– Outreach: assisting with outreach activities such as preparing articles, presentations, and contributing to our website and social media.  

– Non-profit Management: learning about the operations of a small non-profit.

 Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: 

We seek interns who:

– are detail-oriented, organized, and possess strong communication skills.

– have the ability to keep matters confidential and exercise good discretion in using information. 

– are strategic thinkers, and able to balance multiple priorities. 

– can both think independently and work collaboratively with excellent communication. 

– are sensitive to diverse lived experiences.

 Proposed Work Schedule: Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. 

 Any other additional requirements?

Interns are required to complete a basic background check prior to starting any training or assignments. A more extensive fingerprint background check may also be required for those interns working in schools. Interns are also expected to have some flexibility to work evening hours (with notice) for scheduled cases, trainings, events, etc.

 Have you hosted a Community Fellow in the past? If yes, briefly describe the work that Community Fellows have done with your organization in the past. 

In 2018, MCDC hosted 2 PT Community Fellows.  One Fellow worked primarily in the Restorative Justice Initiative to assist with trainings, case development, research, and direct implementation.  One Fellow worked primarily in the Family & Divorce program to assist with case development, research, training support, court observations, and agreement writing.

Community Fellows, Summer 2020: Poughkeepsie Farm Project


Community Fellows, Summer 2020,

Poughkeepsie Farm Project



Address: 51 Vassar Farm Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

 Organization Description: Poughkeepsie Farm Project is a member- supported farm with the mission to cultivate a just and sustainable food system in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We grow fresh vegetables and fruit for our CSA, train future farmers, provide hands-on educational programs on the farm and in the Poughkeepsie City School District, and improve access to healthy, locally-grown food.

Project or Position Title: Garden Education Assistant

 Project or Position Description: The main projects a fellow will assist with are leading farm visits for elementary students, facilitating other garden-based education sessions and culinary workshops for students and the broader community, garden maintenance, and supporting workshops and other special events. 

 Summary of Fellow Duties: 

-Leading farm visits and garden- based education sessions for students

-Preparing recipe ingredients for education programs 

-Creation of educational materials such as handouts, content for the website and social media posts

-Maintaining the education gardens, including our meditation herb garden

-Assisting the farm crew as needed with harvesting, weeding and other farm related tasks

Specific Skills/Experience Required for the Project: 

-Interest in organic gardening

-Experience working with youth

Proposed Work Schedule:

Monday: 8:30 -12:30, break, 1:30 – 4:30

Tuesday: 8:30 -12:30, break, 1:30 – 4:30

Wednesday: 8:30 -12:30, break, 1:30 – 4:30

Thursday: 8:30 -12:30, break, 1:30 – 4:30

Friday: 8:30 -12:30

 Any other additional requirements?

Transportation to the site will not be provided, but it is within walking distance of Vassar. There will be occasional weekend/evening working hours that will be optional.