Add/Drop Form

Registration Forms

You can pick up a copy of a Preregistration form or Add/Drop form from the Registrar’s Office or the OCEL.

Preregistration for Fall 2020:

A Preregistration Form must be signed and submitted to the Registrar’s office during:

– Preregistration Phase I for Fall, 2020:   April 13-24 (Monday-Friday)


– Preregistration Phase II for Fall, 2020:  May 6-8 (Wednesday- Friday) 


This form must be signed by:

  1. Pre-major/major advisor,
  2. Faculty sponsor, and
  3. Director of OCEL (this is the last person to sign the form)

Register for course #290 in the department of your Faculty Sponsor. Designate either 1.0 or 0.5 units.

Examples of a completed Add/Drop form & Preregistration Form:

Add/Drop Form
Preregistration Form